Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The COVID Times

The chill early morning breeze hitting you on your face,
takes you to many years ago in memory, and you hasten to think
which year or what age you were at, that memory trying to make you remember.
With birds chirping away, a sound that seems to have become a constant now.
The early mornings never fail to bring back memories of years gone by.
How is it even possible that one thinks back of the flashes of thoughts that
are just in your mind?
Standing aside, when I had a look at the crowd moving about, I was struck
at the alien sight, I was dazed and wanted to confirm if this was real or a dream!
The people moving about their business in the scantily populated roads,
everybody were with their masks on, on the cycle, zipping away in bikes,
jostling about in the autos, briskly walking away, or some strolling about,
all had masks, with just their eyes popping out, some with barely covering their mouth.
What is this time? Is it really reality or a dream?
I felt I would almost wake up from my dreams, dreams that seem to be filled with thoughts that come wayward!
I walked back home, to my desk that seemed to have me seated nonstop from dawn to dusk, fleeting away in between to care for the household chores that seemed to wait forever for my attention.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Memories that take us forward!

Writing here after what seems to so many years under the bridge. When you pause to ponder, you wonder where the years have gone.

Konda is giving her final board exams. Twins are in their 6th std. Both the milestones so vividly clear in my memory of my own years. Yet, I don't seem to remember how the recent years have breezed past us.

I hope my kids will remember these years and think back in fondness. Best years are the years spent while growing up.

Each day is spent in an ardent need to create memories. Memories that give solace later in life.
Why is that So? Shouldn't it be that we just enjoy the present and be very sure the future will rock as well?

Why is human always living on edge, hoping the future will hold bright spades?

The other day, Hubby dear took the boys way past their sleep time to pick up their favourite food. The boys were thrilled and couldn't stop talking about it.

Even though I knew what he was doing, he told me he wanted his boys to think back of this time, spent together, sneaked out late night to enjoy their favourite food. Children will remember these wonderful days and enjoy the memories. So he wanted to created wonderful happy memories.

Each day is spent in him trying to make every moment precious for them. While I might try to be a bit harsh, he rebukes me saying, life will be hard as adults, let them enjoy their childhood. 

Couple of weeks back, we went on a road trip, Hubby dear planned on a surprise tour. Though we couldn't enjoy the surprise time as expected, the moments clicked, still make me wish for that time.

 Roses have always been favorite flower to grow. Somehow I seem to have lost my green thumb and the few pots I grew always died. This plant survived over a year and bloomed again. It was such a joy for all of us, seeing this beautiful flower!
These pictures were clicked on our way back home. The beautiful setting Sun looked so magnificent and this attempt was nothing compared to how it actually looked. Still, some pictures captured in a frame for us to always think back and remember!

Have a great time, until the next chance I get back to here!.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life as it's now...

I know I am getting back to this space after many many months. Last update was sometime in May and lo a year and half just swept by and I didn't even realise!

Though I have been thinking and thinking about writing something here, atleast a bit of a personal note on what is exactly going on mind, I just got frozen in space!

Life is on a roller coaster right now and yes we have fasten our seat belts!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Memories on a memorable day!

Happy Mother's day to all moms!

Well I just said that as it seem to be the trend all over. FB is full of Mother's day greetings and quotes on moms. Whoever calls up, greets me with this and we took it so much forward this year, with Dad wanting to treat the moms for a special lunch.

I never really thought you need a day to celebrate Mother's day. However on the flip side, if you think one makes an effort to at least appreciate and remember moms, then I am all for it. By the way my kids are not into this as they didn't even know about the day. That's good as I was thinking I was more into spending time with Amma. It so happened that Hubby dear has taken them for a vacation and I get to spend my time with parents. So we had an "our" time after a long time.

So after an elaborate lunch and feeling stuffed to the core, I got back to my alone time, planning what else to work on. It's pretty boring to be sitting alone and thinking you can work loads, when in reality you feel so bored out of nuts and wish everybody is here and I am literally struggling to find time to write.

I would prefer that anytime, I tell you...

Friday, January 3, 2014


"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

"He who conquers others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty. "

"At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want. "

"Great acts are made up of small deeds."

-Quotes by Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher

I know it's been a while since I updated this space..wanted to start the new year with quotes that resonate so well with how I have been thinking offlate.

Goals and aims are many as always, accomplishing those become very important.

A Happy New Year to those who still land here to read this..thanks..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On the wheels ~ with Samosas and what not!

I was visiting the city after nearly two decades. I really didn't expect to remember anything from the memories that I have, it felt like I was visiting a new place for the very first time. When places change in a short span, imagine how much two decades can have an effect. Bangalore was nothing like what I remember. Until I was in my higher secondary school, visits to Bangalore and Ooty was an yearly affair. Our tours stopped when I came to twelfth grade and somehow I never managed to go back to Bangalore.

Though we didn't have relatives living in Bangalore even then, we had very close family friends to visit. Now I have my friends, and I have been planning nearly two years to make this visit. Still I never realized I would make it this time. It was sudden plan, all after seeing the Double Decker train plying between Madras and Bangalore, that we planned it just like that. From my childhood, I always had a penchant for Double Decker modes of transportation. I remember making a bus travel just to get on the Double Decker bus when I was a kid. So this train captivated my interest. With boys on their vacation, we thought would make it with Konda.

We weren't very sure we would make it as all our weekends were booked. Yet we went ahead with booking just to make sure we have the tickets, if we decide to go. Until the last moment, we weren't sure, yet I made sure I had the BM posts ready and all scheduled. However another unexpected travel hindered my plans on making the last week posts ready. So you know how I missed making the samosas as planned.

Coming back to our story of Samosas and what not, it was more a pun on the fact that I ended up eating Samosas on the train, which I tell you, is a taboo in my family. Dad being a doctor would never approve of it. And hubby dear knowing I have lived all my life without the joy of what a travel would bring upon, made sure he got everything that went across us in the journey.

We boarded the train at about quarter past seven. We had the expected pictures in front of the train, with Konda being so embarrassed at my behavior. I now know how it must be for a teen to feel embarrassed at the elder's antics. I used to be so touchy on such things during the same age myself. Being in 30's gives you a care not attitude that can't be felt unless you reach that age!

Anyway hubby dear was so happy we got the top and asked us to walk around the place to see how well it's done. Being part of the railway fraternity, gives one a sense of pride as if the train belongs to you. Well I still have that sense and feel very proud of how it's been constructed. We finally settled when the train started moving. First came the breakfast, a parcel of Idli, Vada and Chutney. Sambar sadly missing in the package, we had to settle for whatever was in the offering. Once that was done, I was playing with the camera. Konda was getting restless with the endless clicks that was in progress.

Next came a call for Samosas. Hubby dear looked at me expectedly. I hear a voice from somewhere, saying nooo. But then another voice very close by says I should atleast try. So we got a plate of that. I wanted to dissect to see what the stuffing was. To my horror, it was carrots with curry leave and mustard tempering. I am not a person who can accept fusion very easily. If one can blend it such that you can't obviously differentiate, it's okay with me. Else these mix and match is a no no in my books of cooking. Very neatly I removed the stuffing and ate the outer crispy layer, which was surprisingly very good.

So for the lack of actual Samosa recipe, I have two Samosa pictures to share with you guys!
On the row in front of us, was a family of three with a daughter almost Konda's age. All through the journey, the father ensured he got everything for the kid, making sure she was always eating non stop. The train stopped in about 4 -5 stations in between. We reached the Bangalore Cantonment at about 1 pm. My friend V, came to pick us up. She lives near Ulsoor lake and yes we had a glance at the lake and saw it was quite nice.

For all the non conforming cook that she is, she gave us a feast of typical Iyar sapadu, a full course meal. We were so stuffed that we couldn't think of anything. Though we were badly in need of a siesta, we managed to stay put and spent time with my friend's family. We had plans of going shopping in the evening.

We went to the Forum mall and by the time we managed to come back, it was raining. The mall is just as you expect, as it started raining heavily the travel from one spot to another became even worse. On the way we saw MG Road, commercial Street. I said I dont' have the patience for shopping. And I had asked for props shopping the next day. So all I was expecting was just roaming around the city.

For dinner we went to the Nakshatra, Nagarjuna Restaurants. Hubby dear sternly gave a look that said I am not supposed to take the camera out. So unfortunately I had the dinner without a single picture clicked. By the time we returned back, it was quite late and we were still feeling stuffed. After a stroll for a while, we retired to sleep.

Since my friend was running the Marathon the next day conducted by the TCS, she woke up early and left by the time I got up at 7. I was planning to make Poori channa for her daughters. So the entire morning was spend just with breakfast and relaxing in front of the idiot box.

We went out for shopping for the blog. Imagine six of us trying to pick up stuffs for the props. There was nothing that I won't get in madras, I simply wanted to have things to remember my weekend. Once the shopping was done, we roamed around trying to figure out where to land for lunch. We had to catch the 4.20 shatabdi, another of my first.

We finally landed in UB city, a class of its own. Finally a place you can fall in love with. It is beautifully constructed and reminded me of those outdoor cafe shops I saw in SFA. We booked table in Rajdhani, an authentic Rajasthan joint. The kids played in the fountain that was there in the center.

For a food blogger, it was a delicious sight. For people like my husband, it is surely not a place to eat. They serve about 10 different subjis, 3 sweets, chats and starters. Hubby dear can't eat such small servings of so many varieties. Since I had the camera ready, I had a fun time clicking away the dishes.

Everything tasted great. Of course as expected I didn't remember anything in the end. However it was a memorable lunch.

We had just enough time to reach the station. We bid our friends and thanked for their hospitality.

Boarded the train at 4.15 and settled in Shatabdi. I always wondered how I missed travelling by this train. Since the trains's introduction, I never travelled in train much. So this experience was wonderful. With the food being part of the fare, you get endless items to give you occupied. They served Samosa for snacks and I clicked a pic of that.
Since there is no stopping in between the travel time is much less and we reached home at about 10 pm.

Coming back to an empty home made us miss the boys.

Guess what when they saw the pictures, both of them started saying we have to take them soon. So another trip surely awaits us!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Designs on lifeline ~ Mehindi..

It's not everyday I indulge in this activity. Infact it's been years, since I felt I could do this for myself. That is getting Mehendi done on my hands. My niece, who does an excellent art work, found an interesting model this time, unlike the many years that have passed.

This January during our yearly visit to my sis-in-law for Sankranthi, this is something that happens without fail. However I am getting done this for the first time by her. After nearly 40 days, I can still see some hint to the hands that had Mehendi done, the memories are still fresh and that does remind me of those many years during childhood, when we used to grind and do a typical Indian way of applying!

Having got this done, I was so hesitant to get back to work! My colleagues thought I had gone for a wedding and so unlike me. Well it does get funny to shock people I felt.