Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Pencil Sketches!

Pencil Sketches that were done almost a decade ago! This one is particularly a favorite with me as I was able to capture the essence and the look that I love in this sketch.

Will be uploading the rest soon..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are you having fun?

...I mean are you really enjoying your life, doing whatever you are doing? I think you should think about it again if you think you haven't!

Life at times feels very hectic. There are times when almost think I should just take a break. But then it can't happen right! I am too deep into all the things I am right now to even think otherwise.

There was a time when I thought, left with the option of not ever becoming what I wanted too, what would I do with my life. Well surprise, surprise, life has its own design for each of us. And I am here now doing whatever I am supposed too.

Doing so many things with such high pressures mounting all the time, there are moments when I feel should I really take up so much. Though surely I know the moment I do something like that, I will be left feeling emptiness swallowing me!

Still all said and done, I am enjoying myself. Staying up very late into night, working on my posts, researching for the book, editing my pictures, in between taking a peek at the kids sleeping, then rushing back to catch up with whatever I was doing. Finally reluctantly switching off the PC, to hit the pillow. Seeing my small family (:)) sleeping, rest assured that momma will surely take ages to join them!

Frenzy sleep that refuses to come, with so many other ideas hitting at the wrong time. How I wished I had my laptop handy while sleeping also...That does sound crazy right, at least it surely does to me. So I strongly curb the urge and get back to sleep.

Body clock strikes on time, depending on whether I planned my morning cooking or not will see me literally running around. Guess that will surely run for many posts, if I ever want to fill in those details. Finally with kids all packed and sent, I again have a marathon to do to reach office on time.

Most days only after I hit my chair, I take a breath! Life is surely fun to live!