Thursday, November 22, 2012


Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop!

I know I haven't updated this space in so many months! Let's say I was preoccupied. So many things happen in life that you think you hardly have time for other things. Those things are meant to happened else we don't call this life a life right. Anyway, the moment I thought I must pen my thoughts, I happened to read this quote above in green. Nice one to begin another chapter in updating this Journey called Life!

From the last post until now, I have had a long resting period, when all I did was lying down and watching videos and reading from my mobile. Never thought I would put my BB to so much usage. Me and my BB one inseparable duo. That's the last thing I look at and first thing to glance again, of course after checking on my kiddos.

Then followed a period of uncertainty when I didn't know what to cook. Meaning I was really caught up with getting back to normalcy and wanting to cook something new for the blog at least. Those things never happened, else you would've read new posts right. Diwali came and went, and first time in our history we simply let it pass. There was nothing prepared to welcome nor was the interest high enough to push me to make something special. Yes we spent quality time with the kids, playing with them. I think that really matters and it also helps that they are not so much into sweets or snacks that are attached to Diwali. That really helped!

And during the last couple of weeks, my obsession with certain one thing got lessen and I am hoping I will spring back to action and get the blog see some new dishes. I had a old friend visiting, along with the visit came so many old memories and voices. Well I realized I had to give some time for those memories to settle back. The passage of twenty years felt in span of couple of years is too much for the soul. Still I managed.

In between I also managed to meet couple of blogger friends. It was a real treat to actually think you met somebody over a virtual space and finally you put a face and a voice. That takes friendship to a new level.

All said and done, here I am, all set to get the shop open again.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


As the car slowly slides on, you look out to see the bright blue sky. With clouds moving in slow motion, it feels like you are on it, slowly gliding away. The bright light beckons you to look out, as you look on the reflections on the glass is more dominant than what's outside. The reflections of things within you, things that one should look more deeply and ponder. You are always given two choices, either you do or not. A very thin line always separates what's good and not.

With daylight so bright, you still wonder why it's gloomy inside, only to realize it's just your thoughts. Sometimes there hardly seem any scope for inspiration. You still should go on, checking in places where you would least find inspirations, those timeless moments comes when you least expect. And this journey is all about just traveling the best way possible.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Bonded by love...

For the Raksha Bandan yesterday, I got the Rakhi for Konda to tie for her brothers. Just as Hubby dear predicted, Chinnu ended up asking why there were two for daddy and only one for them. I had to explain the reason behind it. I think he was fine with the explanation or rather he was distracted with the chocolates he saw on the plate. Thereafter his attension was only them and wanted to know who gets what.
After the rakhi tying ceremony, the boys showed their hands for a joint click.
Since we knew the boys don't eat any sort of sweets, hubby dear said that chocolates would be the best bet. As he said they really loved having an unexpected treat.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Those moments..

There are moments in life when you feel the want of inspiration to just go on. Moments like this are so hard on you that you just want to give up and dig in. Instead of giving up, if you just look around yourself, you may just get back the vigour you need to get back in track.
While all these thoughts were running riot, I happened to meet a spinster. She has many problems that really count as problems. Yet I have always seen her with a sunny smile however always a hint of pathos lingering around. But that's only obvious if you observe. Else none would ever say she shoulders so many responsibilities or pains.

People such as her, inspire you lot more ways than you care to know. It makes you know that hardships we think as such are never so!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Many grays in between!

The days are surely flying! When did I ever not feel this way. If there was one thing I would love to do, is to slower the pace of this hurried and fast life and savour each moment as it comes. Kids are growing up so quickly, there is hardly enough time to spend with them. Konda is soon going to be 7th grader. I can still remember my own 6th and then how it was moving to a 7th grade. I still remember the confusion, the dilemma and so many other things that plague a child. I wish I could assure her in every single step and make her feel comfortable learning on her own, what this Journey of life has in store.

But then each one has to learn their own lessons, experience everything on their own, to make this life more precious. We just have to be there for them, as our parents were for us and still continue to be.

I don't think parents needs to verbally tell their children how much they love and what they mean to their existence. I guess it's understood. Yet everybody longs to hear it, though they always feel it, with the many hugs, the many kisses and many little words that convey more than enough.