Friday, August 3, 2012

Bonded by love...

For the Raksha Bandan yesterday, I got the Rakhi for Konda to tie for her brothers. Just as Hubby dear predicted, Chinnu ended up asking why there were two for daddy and only one for them. I had to explain the reason behind it. I think he was fine with the explanation or rather he was distracted with the chocolates he saw on the plate. Thereafter his attension was only them and wanted to know who gets what.
After the rakhi tying ceremony, the boys showed their hands for a joint click.
Since we knew the boys don't eat any sort of sweets, hubby dear said that chocolates would be the best bet. As he said they really loved having an unexpected treat.


Haddock said...

Something we started as a kid and still keep doing.

dr.antony said...

Such a good gesture!
We dont have the practice in the south,but catching up.