Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mango Obsession!

Summer is really not summer if you haven't had your fill of Mangoes. I remember days when all the meals used to be just Mangoes and Mangoes. Endless list of dishes were prepared with both raw and ripe mangoes. Of course we are not used to making savory dishes with ripe mangoes. So with added calories, we add more sugar and what not!

I remember last year being very upset that my boys wouldn't eat these fruits. Fretting as such the summer passed away. To our dismay this summer was the worst we have seen. Not a single mango visible around the city. We got hold of some during our visit to a neaighbouring place. And some that Athamma brought back from Andhra.

Some I stored in the fridge and some out to ripen them. Out came Peddu asking, "Amma, I want Mango, Mango is a fruit! I was pleased that he identified it so well. Then he said I want to eat it. Mango is a fruit." Well finally my little boy is grown enough to ask for Mango, I thought. Chinnu tugged along with him but showed faces when I offered to him.

I chopped them into bite size and offered to Peddu, before I could even decide what next, he came running back asking for more! He didn't eat his dinner that day and slept dreaming about Mangoes. Next day morning, the first thing I hear from him was "I want Mango! By this time, Chinnu was really curious with Peddu's reaction.

Within minutes, I felt another pair of tiny hands pulling me. Turned to see Chinnu standing with a cup in hand! He wanted his share of Mangoes. Now I went about the task of slicing the remaining mangoes that I could find and within minutes all the mangoes disappeared. I had to dodge myself as I couldn't find anymore to slice. While no amount of persuasion could make him change his mind, Peddu took just about seconds to change the mind.

One look at hubby dear convinced that same thoughts were running in his mind. Before we could even sniff the fragrance of the tantalizing mangoes, they did a disappearing act.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The way back..

We had unexpected rains and should confess it caught us unaware. Not that it really matters. We always think every raining season that by next shower we should be better equipped. It started to be very cloudy since Tuesday afternoon, by evening it started drizzling. I think it started heavy pouring by night.

By the time we got up, it was pouring! The sight of the sky so open always catches me in wonder. I was standing there for a while enjoying the scene of the water coming down without constrain. Then I had to force myself to carry on with the work to get the boys to day care as I have office. We dropped them at the school and I hurried to office. Hubby dear was asking me couple of times if he should drop me, but I said I will go myself.

It was simply wonderful, the feeling that comes riding through the rains with rain drops so harsh that I couldn't even see. I prayed my bike shouldn't give up on me. I managed to reach office in one piece. As expected we didn't have power. The day passed with most of the time talking about the rains and managing to get the work done.

The way back was even more dramatic than expected. Tree along the roads were down the traffic was slow. Worse or best part of the whole thing was, it was so windy. I couldn't ride and felt I was going back. Wind that blew was so severe that I felt so chill and my knees were shaking! My teeth were chattering and eyes were drozy. I managed to reach home without knowing how I managed to ride all the way back...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Sunday Morning!

Morning is not really one, if not had a kappa of coffee on own! An usual scene to be seen in the mornings at home...

Monday, May 3, 2010

A line in Enjoyment!