Saturday, July 24, 2010

A First Love ~ Unabridged Version

First draft was 4 pages, I was thankful getting it to 3 pages. Finally on Sra's suggestion made it to 2 pages for the blog Event Chalks and Chopsticks.

As I mentioned I felt there is not much to the charm if there wasn't melodrama or something mysterious to the past. So read on and if you have time, let me know which one you liked better.

Warning: Don't blame me if you conk off to sleep!


With the cool breeze flowing into the car, Maya looked at her Dad telling her something. She didn't hear him; her thoughts were on something else. She was lingering on the past, the hurt that was as big as a mountain was trying to engulf her again. Taking a deep breath, she sat back. With a bated breath, with hopes that everything will work out best, she looked forward to a future that was still unknown.

They were moving into a new apartment, new neighbourhood, and a colony very similar to the one they were leaving. Daddy asked her to help him pack things they can't trust the workers with. They had an early start to avoid the traffic. Maya felt that they just settled in their new house when Daddy announced that they are going to move again.

Still Maya didn't mind the change, she wanted to live new dreams, create new friendship and many wonderful memories. Life is too short to live in the past. But hurt sometimes takes forever to heal. Shattered dreams take anions to be built again.

As the car was slowing down, Maya could see a bed of yellow flowers on the road path. Somehow those beautiful flowers on the floor were inviting her to take a shot again at life!

Maya got down helping Daddy; she was all of 17, and a looker. Heads always turned when she walked past. Though with a head full of dreams and ambitions beyond her vision, she hardly ever noticed. Yet she was always piqued that she never had steady girl friends. While boys flocked to her sides, girls kept their distance. And because she was such a tomboy, boys ended up being her best friends.

She was still day dreaming when she saw the lift stop and a gentleman walked out with a small boy and a puppy. She saw Daddy was signing out at her. She grudgingly moved forward to meet Mr. Jacob, their new neighbour.

She often wondered how certain incidents get itched on memory, never to be erased. The memory of that dew kissed January morning, with chill breeze hitting her face, with unsure future, with hopes that can fly high; she would forever remember that little boy's innocent face and an eager looking puppy that was ready to please.

Days passed into months, they slowly settled in the new place. Maya was taking comforts in her books. Of course not what the curriculum prescribed. But the many Mills & Boons she got from friends. Her friends cover the books with brown papers to hide from the teachers and then it was carried home too. Her Mom was very innocent to know that Maya no longer was only reading comics.

Her parents knew she was a good student if she cared enough. But in the days that passed she was so engrossed in that world, every corner turned Maya used to think a TDH hero would come pouncing forward. Of course she had a head on her shoulder that said there are no TDH heroes in real world.

Her new friends played tennis and finally convinced her to join them. One fine evening when she walked into the court, she felt conspicuous of many eyes eying her in varying expressions. The game wasn't new to her, but she felt very out of place.

When the game begun, her eyes were drawn to the opponent who was smashing every other shot at her. End of the game she was fuming and determined to get the better of him. Introduced or not, she wasn't bothered she wanted to give him a piece of her mind; little did she know she would barter her heart too.

For a person who was a tomboy and who cared a dime on what a guy thinks, she was speechless for couple of minutes. She wondered if she was day dreaming, as she was literally gaping at the person from books in front of her, who was actually grinning.

She was finally introduced to Dev, the chocolate boy of the gang. Maya didn't remember anything beyond that and knew from then on there was no reason why she shouldn't go to play tennis. Come rain or cyclone, Maya was seen on the court very promptly.

This was really funny because for all she existed, she was invisible to Dev. Just as she was clueless on why she had so many admirers, she was clueless as to why he never bothered to look.

Maya was determined that she is going to change the dynamics. She was given an opportunity before she even knew about it. At the yearly Tennis club cultural event, it was decided to have a potluck dinner. Each player was asked to bring along something.

They really had fun debating on the menu. Finally when it came to the desserts, they had bigger arguments. One wanted Ice creams, while one wanted payasam. While somebody was insisting on Carrot Halwa, most of them disagreed on carrot halwa, saying it was extremely difficult to make carrot halwa for such a large crown.

Maya was surprised to see Dev cheering so much for Carrot Halwa. He said special occasion called for special dishes and even offered to help grate the lot if the need be. Maya was surprised to find her offering to make it.

Was it a disdain that she saw in Dev's expression? She really didn't care any longer. She was determined she was going to make Carrot halwa no matter what the end result was going to be.

Then the reality sank in. How was she going to tell Mom that she offered to make Carrot Halwa? Grate about 7 - 8 kilos of Carrot? Trying to impress somebody is good, but being stupid is not one of it.

With the trepidation setting in, Maya walked home to inform Mom about the Carrot Halwa project. She need not have worried much; Mom was all excited about it. But Maya knew she won't be happy letting Mom have anything to do with the grating part.

On the D day, Maya went shopping with Mom to buy the carrots. Though she has accompanied Mom many times for vegetable shopping, this was the first time she ever really cared what she was buying. She was ready to know everything there is know how a carrot should be for a Halwa!

She can't actually remember when she first ate this halwa as Mom makes it pretty often. But this is the first time it ever got so much importance! With these thoughts she set out to grate the mountain in front of her. She did the first one, and then second, it continued. She lost count after a while.

She engaged her thought process in a different way. What did the bard say? Love's Labour's Lost? Or a labour of Love? Whatever, her mind was not in a state to decipher clearly. That's when she heard the call bell. With grated carrots all over her, she jumped out to open the door.

If she didn't faint, it was because she was made of a better mettle than she thought. It was Dev and few more friends who landed at her door steps to help grate the carrots. They even came with graters!

Mom was really impressed with her friends and she was hoping Mom would notice how well Dev was helping. Maya was simply happy knowing her Mom knew what a wonderful set of friends she has. Events blurred in her memory and she didn't know how the time passed. Dev and others finally left after the work was done, saying they look forward to eating the Halwa for dinner.

Maya helped Mom in making the halwa, most of the time standing next to the stove, making sure the milk wont’ spill over. If grating was a tough nut, getting that carrot cooked in milk was tougher. But she knew the result was a sweetest of all!

Finally with the halwa all packed in a container, Maya got dressed for the party. They had loads of events as part of the activities. But Maya was in trance. When it was time for dinner, Maya had butterflies. She didn't know what was going to happen, but knew something will.

Everybody was saying appreciating each of the dishes. She was with her friends along with Dev and saw he wasn't eating much. She was wondering what was wrong with him when somebody asked the same. He replied that he was saving space for the desserts!

When they moved on to the desserts, she saw Dev loading big scoops of Carrot Halwa. A friend next to him asked how come without tasting he was helping himself to double dose. He turned to say "When it was made with so much love, it is bound to be delicious" with that he looked at Maya with a twinkle in his eyes.