Thursday, December 25, 2008

Memories of a Vacation!

Its been a year today. Last year this day, we were at parent's home in Calcutta and this year they have relocated to a different country! It was my second trip to the City of Joy and the journey kindled the joyfully memories of my first visit. I had fallen in love with the city I visited. It wasn't at all what I heard about the place. Everybody said it was dirty and crowded and pathetic. But all I could see was a beautiful place with huge buildings that portrayed history and beauty that went along with it. We had visited all the places of interest during that time. This time since it was with kids we went, we really didn't have that all that energy needed to tag along the whole family for sight seeing. Even then Daddy wouldn't leave us alone. He ensured we atleast took the kids for a trip around the city. We reached the airport by 3 am and had a very eventful trip down to Calcutta. It was my first trip and it was really very foggy. Till the last moment, we weren't sure if the flight will take off or not. After a nerve wrecking two hours of wait, we finally took off.

The kids had made themselves at home in the flight much to the discomfort of everybody. It was really so much fun. The air hostess couldn't understand why my boys can't sit in their seats for more than 2 minutes. Well finally we reached Calcutta. The feeling was simply superb! It felt like homecoming, the last trip was so memorable, I could live it again. That time, Dad had taken us on the Jetty across River Ganges. We had gone under the bridge and it was so exhilarating. We were just four of us then. Now with my own family, I know I couldn't be seen as that bubbly teenager right? Still I couldn't but be that!

The excitement I had was passed on to my kids and they were trilled too. I was seeing Amma after many months. They were living in the 13th flour and it was wonderful going up so high. Amma was waiting with the Arti for the kids. And after a warm hug from her to all of us, I finally had a good look at Amma. She had gone down so much. The house was too big for them but kids had a field day running around the whole house.

It was surprising how well Amma managed with the minimum utensils but she managed a whole big feast with that. Back home, she has a utensil for each size and shape! The one whole week we stayed was an experience we can never forget. That was the first time we had infact ever stayed at home without doing anything, except cooking, feeding the kids and playing with them. I guess the thought that we were with our parents was enough to set all things right.

More than anything, the festive mood the city adorned was infectious. The whole city was celebrating Christmas eve. Everywhere it was brightly lit and people were so happy and enjoying themselves. I came to know that the city enjoys all festivals with equal fervor! How wonderful! It was the first time I was seeing streets full of things for Christmas, with Caps and balloons for Santa Claus. It was like the whole city was rejoicing our arrival. On the Christmas day, we had a Santa Claus visiting us. He got us cake and chocolates for the kids. The kids were overjoyed seeing the Santa and were jumping around. Then once he left, we all flocked together to cut the cake.

Everyday year, we always have this tradition of cutting a plum cake and then Dad and Hubby dear enjoy a piece with a glass of wine. I always remember our christian neighbors sending us cakes on the day. Then after a while, we realized we didn't have anybody sending it across. So one year when Amma was mentioning this, hubby dear and bro decided to get the cake for her. Thus started this tradition of getting a cake and enjoying it over the lunch or dinner!

So it happened that last year too it was spent with parents with a piece of cake and a glass of wine. Hubby dear was missing Dad this year as I was. I was still thinking of last years Christmas carols and the Celebrations the apartments had downstairs. We didn't go down to be part of them, we were content being at home with parents and our little ones. Cuddling them closer was more precious than anything else.
The remaining days passed off in a blur or so I thought. But yes the memories were itched quite strongly in our hearts that they gush in the moment I think of them. The thoughts were so strong that I had to speak to Dad and Mom. Maybe its vibes or something, they said they were also thinking about last Christmas, the time we were all together!.Dad was having two days off as Christmas holidays and they were having in guests for dinner. I thought I will skip the cake ceremony this year. 

But God has his ways I suppose. My friend wished me seasonal greetings with a box of plum cake. When I took it home, the kids were elated seeing the box. Peddu infact sang happy birthday song when I was cutting the cake. I was surprised he remembers that one has to sing that song while cutting a cake! Then he said its his birthday too along with Chinnu. Of course not in clear statement but in his own baby language.

Even as I write this, I remember last year. I close down with hopes that next year, we will all spend the vacation together! Maybe that time I will update on this year's happenings!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life as it happens!

Are you caught up with life, do you have a moment to ponder on things, that were important some years ago? Well that's exactly what's happening with me. I am so caught up with everyday affair, that things that ought to have been of some focus, have taken a back seat.Those years of carefree wandering comes back to mind and I really wish I had the courage and time to take back those things.

I still remember Dad telling me that I should put in more time on my painting. Even then I knew, I wasn't for it. But I enjoyed my time painting. I really wish I had that creativity that takes to be an artist. Then those days when Dad would ask me to write something for him. And I would be seen pondering on prose, coining him lines, which to my young mind, was poetry. I know Dad was more indulging than anything else. I really can't think I had the material that calls for poetic outburst! All said and done, I have attempted so many things, yet none a master I can call myself.

Those reluctant days at college, then hurrying back home, to enjoy an evening with some book. Behind closed doors, I was in my own world. Rarely would I open the door to let anybody in. Of course, during that time, it used to be Amma or at times Sree, at home. Still I never would open up for anybody. I was happy content in my own world, reading, devouring what was poured in those books. I enjoyed all genre in equal tempo. Be it M&Bs, Crime thrillers, Comedy or even Tintin, everything was read with a passion far greater than imagine.

Suddenly I would feel the need to paint. And its found its expression in many ways. When I first started blogging, I thought I should pull out all my drawings and upload. But guess it never happened. I wonder why things never turn out as how we want! What is the reason that it doesn't work out?
Anyway while I ponder on such things, let me share with you, a painting that is so dear to my heart. This picture of Oliver Twist represents Me, in my young age! I best relate to it and wanted to have mind frame in life. Unconcerned with the happenings surrounding me. I interpret the picture as, a person so carefree of worldly bondage, doing my share of work, yet not worried about things that happen or not happen.

This is Life as it happens!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thinking of Lights or Lamps, Farreys comes to mind!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Roman General ~ Scene from Asterix, the Gual!

This sketch was done during my days spent reading Asterix. The Romans generals, all well fed and lazy, makes a good subject for sketches. Though I loved Asterix and Obelix, the romans were better ones to be depicted because of their style and size. I had enjoyed sketching on Obelix too.
I liked this one more because of the expression that finally came on to the Roman General's face. The joy and content that's reflected shows the carelessness of the Roman Generals in draft ignorance of the other force. The pose depicts wealth, merry and happiness, all rolling in one!

Though I decided this to be a pencil sketch, wish I had coloured it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Collection of Poems ~ Memory of Love!

These are some staggering thoughts penned down in couplets and prose. I may in my fancy, call these as poems. But they are just expressions of thoughts as they came to mind. Mostly occurred during the early 20s of my life. Of course, hope I can be forgiven for thinking too glamorous as these a work of art! If any complaints, I point to the muse attacks at odd times!

Memory of Love!

Every Step, Step by Step adds to
The voyage of Life!
In the rustle and bustle of busy life
No time to pause to think and to feel.
Some moments come only to few
Which are the suspended phase of life.
It is a moment always frozen in time
Which has exalted feelings and emotions.
With the visionary beauty of being in love.
And we spend the rest of our mundane life
in the memory of that Love!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 13!

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We are finally going to see Jenny finding her true love met!

Mr. Bird, the messenger, does
Knock, knock on the door.
Come in says nonchalant voice.
He peeps in to see, Tom reclining.

Speed Post for ya Mister!
Seems too hotty to handle Mister!.
Oh, yeah too hot for me to handle
Let me make my escape!

Hehe, I have made my escape,
But is my love really serious? wonders Tom
Look there, Look there, Captain,
calls the boy with a telescope in hand.

Bring the telescope here boy,
Calls Tom and peeps in to look.
He encounters the sullen and serious
Eyes of Jenny. He is overjoyed.

Tom anchors down, and up comes Jenny
So furious and storms, Enough is enough,
You can't escape me anymore.
Tom says, who wants to escape now.
Sail with me all the life long!

So finally Tom and Jenny sail on a Journey called life...This is not an end, but just a beginning of their wonderful life together, with Love as their anchor to hold them together!

The Beginning...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 12!

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Finally Jenny has found a way to express her love!

Pining for love is heavy!
Oh I wish I could find a way.
Idea! Oh why didn't I think of this
before, it will surely work out a way!

I am off my way to pen a few
lovely words and proclaim my love.
Words which surely get my aching heart
away to melt his stony heart.

I am off to post my love letters
On every tree I will.
It surely for will make him come running
seeing such love flowing away from them.

Else I will send my messenger
Mr. Bird to do the errands of
passing my love to him.
Go Birdie! Go to my love with my love.


Have a nice Weekend!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 11!

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Jenny is so full of sorrow!

I don't want an apple, I say
But who cares, is what I hear.
Eat one, to get on well
to keep the doctor away!

But oh, who wants to
keep the doctor away
Just as I see nobody around
I sack the apple and run a mile!

I am back at the woods
Longing for my love to come
Oh, can I have another look
to cheer this heart again?

With no signs of him, I turn
back with heavy heart.
Stooped with burden of unrequited love
Oh love is so heavy to carry!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 10!

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Well finally we find Jenny in thick state of whats obsessed her!

Oh I feel so light and bright!
and I want to shout to the
whole world out "I love you"
Is all thats coming to my mind.

I want to go bang bang with a drum,
To tell each one and all
Of my love, which is so wonderful
And new, try stopping me, you can't.

With misty eyes, I lay down to catch
a bit of sleep. But, oh it eludes me
all night and I keep awake thinking,
with a sorry company of teddy

Oh whats that I see!
A big apple falling down
to tot towards me?
Oh why would I need one now?

Oh why should that apple come there..come back next week to check that out!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 9!

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Jenny finds herself in a different state!

Wow, I feel so light and bright!
and off the ground,
I see that world looks more beautiful
Now , with all colours flying around!

I longingly wait around the corner
Hoping to catch a sight again.
Oh Sigh! when it I be graced again
To see my love again!

The moment I see, I shall
Fly with a bouquet of flowers
To greet the love of my life
and to get a glance of that love again!

Oh, I feel I am flying in air
with wings run by the love
I need no wings in fact
Love is enough to get me flying again.

What happens to Jenny, come back next week to check that out!

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 8!

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Finally what Jenny has been dreading has happen!
But alas, I am not in any dream,
so I ran as fast as I could and hid behind a bush
Curiosity got the better of me.
So I peeped out to see what's it about!

Pop! went a sound so hard.
I felt that my head or is it my heart going for a toss.
God! what's this deafening sound
Is my heart being struck by a bow!

In a daze I saw a cute li'l angle .
Grinning and aiming again.
My, hope its not me again
To be stuck by that poisoned arrow!

But! but what's happening to me!
Wow, I feel so light and bright
with nothing to take flight!
Everything looks so pink and green!

What happens to Jenny, come back next week to check that out!

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 7!

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Jenny in the grips of the sinister doctor, is scared beyond herself!

I saw myself back at the same place!
Tied around, with no way to escape.
Fear had me griping, not knowing what to do.
Oh how beautiful was my life once upon a time!

“Yes, I have her where I want!
Scalpel, needles and rest is what I want!
Waiting for this day for a long time
Hope my dream comes true now” says Tom.

Hehe, how wonderful this day is, I have
Dreamt of, so many times.
I have her where I always want,
I wish I can extend this forever!

Oh god, what is going to happen to me!
How I wish this was all a dream
And I am back in my beautiful world
In wild wild woods, wandering carelessly around!


Come back next week to see what happens to Jenny!

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 6!

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Jenny gets to meet the sinister devil of her dreams finally!

Pop! peeped the face of my nightmare dreams
Smiling sinisterly at me, glaring with a look
and said " hehehe., you can't escape me now!
Fear had me griping and I struggled to free myself!

Alas!, I was tied to all over!
"Tie it properly!" he said, I turned over to see,
a face more sinister to have in cage!
Oh what happened to me, am I in dreams?

The phony doc had a cool look
and said "Come back next week"
For what may I ask? but no answers
forthcoming, he had this serene look, defying.

"Heheh, thinks Tom the doctor.
I have Jenny where I want,
Its going to be so damn easy now.
Making her work the way I want!


Come back next week to see what Tom the Doc plans for Jenny!

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The adventures of Laurel & Hardy

I had the habit of telling my daughter bed time stories till she was 5 years old. It had to be a new one every night and also it had to be really interesting with all the sounds and other expressions to suit the mood. I used to break my head for a suitable one to tell her. To help myself, I got few bedtime story books too, but nothing helped. She won't want anything from them. She wanted me to think and tell. So it had to be all imaginative all the time. Since it had to be imaginative to boot, I did what I was best at. I would include all things that I would want her to do on daily basis and what good habits babies should have. It was fun watching her do it as she was happy to do them if it was told as a story and a morel behind it. At one point, I used to have nightmares thinking what to tell her. And moreover it had to be in telugu with all the sound effects. One night I hit upon Laurel and Hardy and cooked up a story with a theme that's so dear to her heart. She is very fond of birthday parties and will always keep asking when her birthday will come. Her birthday falls during summer when the school is closed, so just that she doesn't miss treating her friends, I send her with box of chocolates for her friends during the last few days of school before the school closes. But still she never gets over it.

So this story caught her imagination and I repeated it many times to her. Not sure if the Emotion and meaning gets conveyed through this media as I tell her in telugu. I always have this problem with translation. But I remembered that I forgot many such stories that I used to cook up for her. These pencil sketches were done much before my marriage, but I took them down to show her the characters. Its been quite sometime since I told her any stories before she sleeps. After the twins, its been extremely difficult to give so much attention to this, it pains knowing that she must've missed that part of her growing up. Hubby dear promised to address this. Infact after the twins birth, for more than 4 months he was telling her the story of Moogli the Jungle boy. It ran as a mega soap. He was frustrated beyond his means to work up his imagination to keep pace with her but he completed the series quite successfully.

Let me get along with the story before I forget

Once upon a time, there lived two friends called Loorel and Hardy
One day, their friend came to invite them for her birthday party!
"Loorel and Hardy, tomorrow is my birthday and
will you please come to my party?" said the friend.

Next morning both of them got up from bed, yawning and stretching from sleep.
As soon as they got up, they brushed their teeth! Both thought loudly
"Eh, What shall we do today?. Suddenly they remembered their friends birthday party.
Arre, its our friends birthday and what else we get for her???..ahhh...she likes flowers
Lets go buy some for her now. " said Loorel "Okie lets go then' agreed hardy

So they took their bicycle and climbed the uphill to buy some flowers.
They were going on and on, suddenly BANG they heard a noise. Wondering from where it came,
they looked down to see their tyre punched. Aer! cycle tyre is punctured, what else we do now.
It will get late for the birthday party. Said a dismayed Hardy

They pushed their punctured cycle down the hill, when suddenly they heard a lorry coming their way. hah hha a lorry is coming, lorry is comings, lets ask it to take us down. so they ran towards it and waved their hands.
The Lorry driver was one mean looking guy. He started at them and shouted "hey why didn't you stop me?"
"Xcuse me, Xcuse me, sorry about it, but can you give us a lift" said Loorel and hardy in unison. We have a birthday party to attend but our cycle got punctured and we are still looking to buy the flowers. But we so desperately want to make to the party. Please please give us a lift.

Ok, they climb fast and don't keep talking. Hey what's that you have there? asked the driver.
This is our punctured cycle, we can't obviously leave it behind. The driver was very angry but seeing that the guys were pleasant, he helped them move to the lorry. The lorry moves ahead once all are comfortable.
Suddenly Loorel shouts "A Look over there, driver stop driver stop!. The driver jumps on the brake and asks what's the matter now??. See there is a flower garden over there, since we couldn't get the flowers for our friend from the market,
we will try to get from there!

Ok if you want to get down, then make it fast. But I will not stop for you guys. That's ok, thank you very much for the lift, said both the friends. And they hurried to the garden. Inside a beautiful garden with so many flowers, they saw a stern looking person watering the plants. Xcuse me Xcuse me, can we pluck some flowers! pleaded Hardy. The gardener got angry and sniffed at them saying "Don't you know you should not pluck flowers from plants???"

"Sorry gardener but today's is our dear friends' birthday. We came to buy flowers but our cycle got punctured and we couldn't go to buy the flowers." said the Loorel. Can we just pluck few for her, please! Its her birthday and we don't want to go empty handed and she loves these flowers. "Oh, for a birthday, fine, just few and not many Ok," said the gardener.

The friends happily plucked few flowers and ran down the hill rolling their bicycle along!. They reached the friends' place just in time. There friend was so happy seeing them. Oh Loorel and Hardy, so sweet of you to come. I knew you would come, we are waiting for both of you. Shall we start!!. Loorel and hardy were so excited. They jumped and said yes.

The cake was brought and all of them gathered to sing. "Happy Birthday to you", Happy Birthday to you". Happy Birthday to you dear friend. And may God bless you". They all clapped and wished her. When they gave the bunch of flowers, their friend was so so happy. She hugged and jumped seeing her favorite flowers. Thank you thank you, so sweet of you to get me flowers. I just love them so much! said their friend.

Now lets go eat the cake and other goodies that we have for you! Both Loorel and Hardy went and joined their friends and had a great time laughing and talking. Suddenly they saw the watch and exclaimed," Oh its very late, we got to go to bed, it will get late for school tomorrow! Bye bye friend. Thanks for inviting us for a great party" they said to their friend.

After bidding everybody bye, they came back home. They changed to night dress, brushed their teeth and had a hot bath and went to bed thinking of the lovely time they had with their friends. Hardy was about to ask something to Loorel. But Loorel said "Go to sleep hardy, it will get late for school tomorrow".Good night sweet dreams!

So saying this, he is off to sleep the moment his head hits the pillow!

Come back tomorrow for the next action in Tom & Jenny's Love Story!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 5!

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The situation of Jenny has become too serious! Read on to see what she has to face!

Jenny is now forced to face the worse things in her life!
Oh what a life, if I have to face
battlefield with no equal opponent.
So skilled, such expertise!
Fearfully I saw my head being at sake

What's to become of this poor life!
Being tied to death with no hopes
to see the daylight.
Oh what a life I am forced to face!

My life, so beautiful and great it was!
Now filled with dark waves and darker fears!
Waves and waves come to hit me on and I see
no path to pave my way out on!
My life being so toppled around.

Bang! came the noise without any forewarn
I fell down, so dazzled without no clue or nod
What is that I see around, all so shattered
My life which was once so beautiful all alone!


Come back next week to see what life has in store for Jenny!

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 4!

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The situation of Jenny has become too serious! Read on to see what she has to face!

Oh! Life was beautiful,
Life was beautiful.
Had no worry, no care!
Until I heard, a sound so scare!
I ran as fast as I could,
But with a hand trying to catch,
I could only run as fast as I could dear!

Suddenly I was so happy, happy
That a tree was there to help,
So climbed as fast as I could
and slide as fast as I can,
to save this precious life of mine!
That's a stupid grin, I know for sure!

Oh! Life was beautiful
Life was so very peaceful!
Never had to dodge nor
Face all darts coming from everywhere,
with no place to hide myself.

Oh what a life, if I have to face
battlefield with no equal opponent.
So skilled, such expertise!
What's to become of this poor life!


Catch the action next week for the next Scene!

Have a great weekend.