Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 6!

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Jenny gets to meet the sinister devil of her dreams finally!

Pop! peeped the face of my nightmare dreams
Smiling sinisterly at me, glaring with a look
and said " hehehe., you can't escape me now!
Fear had me griping and I struggled to free myself!

Alas!, I was tied to all over!
"Tie it properly!" he said, I turned over to see,
a face more sinister to have in cage!
Oh what happened to me, am I in dreams?

The phony doc had a cool look
and said "Come back next week"
For what may I ask? but no answers
forthcoming, he had this serene look, defying.

"Heheh, thinks Tom the doctor.
I have Jenny where I want,
Its going to be so damn easy now.
Making her work the way I want!


Come back next week to see what Tom the Doc plans for Jenny!

Have a great weekend.

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