Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 13!

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We are finally going to see Jenny finding her true love met!

Mr. Bird, the messenger, does
Knock, knock on the door.
Come in says nonchalant voice.
He peeps in to see, Tom reclining.

Speed Post for ya Mister!
Seems too hotty to handle Mister!.
Oh, yeah too hot for me to handle
Let me make my escape!

Hehe, I have made my escape,
But is my love really serious? wonders Tom
Look there, Look there, Captain,
calls the boy with a telescope in hand.

Bring the telescope here boy,
Calls Tom and peeps in to look.
He encounters the sullen and serious
Eyes of Jenny. He is overjoyed.

Tom anchors down, and up comes Jenny
So furious and storms, Enough is enough,
You can't escape me anymore.
Tom says, who wants to escape now.
Sail with me all the life long!

So finally Tom and Jenny sail on a Journey called life...This is not an end, but just a beginning of their wonderful life together, with Love as their anchor to hold them together!

The Beginning...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 12!

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Finally Jenny has found a way to express her love!

Pining for love is heavy!
Oh I wish I could find a way.
Idea! Oh why didn't I think of this
before, it will surely work out a way!

I am off my way to pen a few
lovely words and proclaim my love.
Words which surely get my aching heart
away to melt his stony heart.

I am off to post my love letters
On every tree I will.
It surely for will make him come running
seeing such love flowing away from them.

Else I will send my messenger
Mr. Bird to do the errands of
passing my love to him.
Go Birdie! Go to my love with my love.


Have a nice Weekend!