Thursday, October 29, 2009

Perceptions ~ in the still moments of life!

I knew today that my child doesn't love me as much as I love my mother!
Maybe it is wrong to compare my love with what others can.
But still it hurts!
Maybe a child can only limit the mind to elevate the horizon to its boundaries.
Maybe I haven't given enough reasons to look up on me or put me on a pedestal.
But still it hurts!
For I don't want to be on a pedestal but in her heart, to reach out to me
when she finds herself in distress, to seek my embrace when on flight!
But still it hurts!
Knowing I have fallen short in my own perception of what I was!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

White as Snow for the Flower Fest!

Living in flats really curbs of you the pleasure of having your own garden. But that never deterred us from having our own Jasmine and Hibiscus for as long as I can remember.

Infact I remember having the same Jasmine plant for many many years. The flower that bloomed had nearly 7 - 9 petals and was very thick with heavy fragrance. After we lost that plant, we got this one when I came to have my own family. This particular one has been with me for the past five years.

Every year around the season my veranda is scented with this enchanting fragrance from the Jasmine!

The other addition that happened to our little garden was this lily plant that Athamma kept. They give so many flowers in one shot!

Below are the details

Common Name : Jasmine
Botanical name : Jasminum officinale

Common Name : Fairy Lily or White Rain Lily
Botanical name : Zephyranthes candida

Both Jasmine and Lily are my entries to this month's theme "White as Snow" as event that captures flowers in its beauty. Ever since knowing about Flower Fest I had been wanting to paint something based on the theme. Finally was able to send only photos!