Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Many grays in between!

The days are surely flying! When did I ever not feel this way. If there was one thing I would love to do, is to slower the pace of this hurried and fast life and savour each moment as it comes. Kids are growing up so quickly, there is hardly enough time to spend with them. Konda is soon going to be 7th grader. I can still remember my own 6th and then how it was moving to a 7th grade. I still remember the confusion, the dilemma and so many other things that plague a child. I wish I could assure her in every single step and make her feel comfortable learning on her own, what this Journey of life has in store.

But then each one has to learn their own lessons, experience everything on their own, to make this life more precious. We just have to be there for them, as our parents were for us and still continue to be.

I don't think parents needs to verbally tell their children how much they love and what they mean to their existence. I guess it's understood. Yet everybody longs to hear it, though they always feel it, with the many hugs, the many kisses and many little words that convey more than enough.