Thursday, April 29, 2010


Memories wash by...You hear voices from the depth of somewhere.
The voices you thought you might never hear again.
The voices that were from past seem to seemlessly blend
Into one that you no longer recognise.
But you can feel all those years flip away within moments!

No sooner you are that lanky, insecure teen, not sure what 'morrow will bring.
Life has come a long way, yet memories never cease to stop.
You are what your memories are!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All set to start the day!

Shining Shoes, Colourful Bags, Starched New Uniform, and loads of crayons, the stuff the dreams are made of! My boys are set to start the day!

Friday, April 9, 2010

About Books, Teachers, and Boys..

What is it with teachers that makes you feel so helpless? Or at least that is how I feel every time I meet my kids teachers. My boys teacher must be younger than me for sure. Yet in her presence I was squirming and struggling what to say. I felt transported to my own class at a younger age. Though I was never tongue-tied to answer Teachers, I always felt in awe!

I was feeling very restless and guilty that I could complete the Book covering. As expected I procrastinated to the last moment. Deciding to do it at 11.30 pm was way too late. Still I had to do it. To my dismay I saw that the covers were not enough and I didn't have labels. Well after packing two sets of books, I had no more patience. I hit the bed ardently hoping the teacher won't yell at me.

I shouldn't have worried. The Teacher was very sweet, seeing that few books are not covered, she gave it back to me. Next she said your boys are very naughty but so smart. Ok, here it starts! I thought. I tried to look apologetic, but I couldn't. Hubby dear says if Konda's brothers are not naughty, who else will be!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A new chapter in life...

What can I say, at every new stage in life, we pause and wonder if we really can cross this stage. And before long we are way past the stage to even realize we did cross it and with flying colours!

This week saw another important milestone in our life. Our twin boys started their mainstream schooling. They are used to being away at school at a very young age still it was more of a fun thing and they felt at home in their playschool. As the days got closer, I was remembering the same period when Konda started her school. That first day when I spent the entire time sitting with her. And the second day she was crying, refusing to go. Then she managed to get adjusted. The third day when her father went to drop her, he was waiting for her to get vanished in the crowd but she was walking ahead with every step she turned to look at him. He couldn't get himself away and was feeling worse when he saw her trip over a pot and fell down. Braving not to cry, she got up, waved one last time, before getting inside the class.

Hubby dear came up all worked up. Swearing never to send his little angle anywhere, he finally came to terms. Change is a content entity in life. Adapting is even more. She is now going to enter a grade, which I so clearly remember of my own. Does life really passes in a wink of an eye?

Years have passed and it is now my boys turn to begin the Journey of their life! A Journey that is sure to have all the different colours that Life can offer. The first three days we had to stay back for an hour and get them. By second day they were fine, but asked if I would stay back with them. I assured them that Mummy will be waiting outside while they played and got to know their teachers better.

This morning Peddu came up and asked me if I would stay back with him, I said I will. He replied "But you say that daily but never stay back", with look that welled up my eyes. I gathered him up and pinched his cherubic cheeks. My dear Peddu, he is such a darling innocent baby. Not that Chinnu isn't but at least he looks little capable of taking care of himself and his brother. Well I knew I thought that too soon, for while I was dropping them at the school, Chinnu asked me very softly if I would stay back with them. I assured him that I will be waiting just outside to the door.

I am sure just as Konda did, my boys will have a spring in their legs to jump out for school. And will never remember these days. They will soon come to love their new school and new things that Life will bring out. It is only we who need to have more courage to get them across these days...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Success comes to one who practice at it...

or rather to one who can take the failures first and be still optimistic enough to expect success coming out of every other corner!
Declare yourself as expert of something and work towards that. you didn't grow old in a day, so is your success. You got to work towards that.
Ignore what people around you might say wrong. Avoid negative vibes. There is nothing like positive approach can do to one self's!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life is a succession of moments...

To live each one is to succeed...

    As I turn a new leaf on my table calendar, this is what I get to read. While last year was a feast to eyes with food pictures from a popular restaurant, this year each month has a beautiful quote along with a hand done painting. Every time I glance at it, I am inspired by the wordings plus the paintings. I feel pushed to take up my brush or have an adrenalin attack to make me do sometime new.

First quarter has passed, I can't say it was the most productive one. Still it was fine. Now the first day is here. I am determined no matter what. Destiny is what you plan..or so I think!