Friday, April 9, 2010

About Books, Teachers, and Boys..

What is it with teachers that makes you feel so helpless? Or at least that is how I feel every time I meet my kids teachers. My boys teacher must be younger than me for sure. Yet in her presence I was squirming and struggling what to say. I felt transported to my own class at a younger age. Though I was never tongue-tied to answer Teachers, I always felt in awe!

I was feeling very restless and guilty that I could complete the Book covering. As expected I procrastinated to the last moment. Deciding to do it at 11.30 pm was way too late. Still I had to do it. To my dismay I saw that the covers were not enough and I didn't have labels. Well after packing two sets of books, I had no more patience. I hit the bed ardently hoping the teacher won't yell at me.

I shouldn't have worried. The Teacher was very sweet, seeing that few books are not covered, she gave it back to me. Next she said your boys are very naughty but so smart. Ok, here it starts! I thought. I tried to look apologetic, but I couldn't. Hubby dear says if Konda's brothers are not naughty, who else will be!

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