Sunday, January 31, 2010

Waves that never cease!

A visit to beach was long overdue, with it just 6 kms away, find it hard to think we hardly make up a trip. By the time we finally found a spot to park the car, it was pretty late. That didn't daunter us from going further. After a ride on the artifical car and bike, we went to the beach.

All of them went to water, while I stayed back. Its been years now, really years since I lost my need to get into the water. Somehow I find it so strange. How one changes over years! Beach for me, meant getting drenched. There was never an occasion when I would get away without a dip in the deep. Now I hardly find the inclination.

I rather sit back and enjoy the serene feeling that gets over me. With my family just close enough enjoying the joy only a beach can get, I look fondly at memories that gush by. With cool breeze carressing your skin, you feel the salty sand on the tongue. Was it only yesterday or years that passed by?

With waves gushing in with so much force, with a passion overflowing. Only to retreat back the moment it touches the shore. Oh how I wish time stands still..I know there have been many such moments and many more to come. Only I may never again wish so much to dip myself again.

My brows crank with smiles hearing the kids shouting, I see my own childhood spent the same way. I dont' have to live my childhood again, I can do that with my kids. Seeing them enjoy with boundless joy at the waves that want to hit hard, I remember the days that have gone away. And rejoice the moment that it was...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A New Beginning...

There are moments in life that clearly mark the end of a period and the start of new era!
Like when you complete your board exams and know for sure whatever happens,
that period will never again be back.

Today marks the end of one such time and makes way for new exciting days to come.
I write these words with joy, anticipation, anxiety, excitement and many more.
With hopes of good things to come our way, with determination to make it work,
come what may our way!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting detached to become more focused!

Today, hopefully the first of many days to come, I decided to get detached from things that makes me attached to it, rather than the other way.

During the time I am online to get work done, the different windows that are open are my different email accounts in different browsers, Social Networks etc etc. I hate seeing an email unread or yet to be replied. So I instantly have to reply back. Many have complimented on my quick response. But I know how much that costs. Rather than working on the post or editing the pictures for the post, or researching for the book, I will be researching on what needs to be replied.

Of course, replies need to be immediate not necessarily instant. I need to get more focused on the work on hand. If I need to write or reach my target every day, I need to be focused and not let 101 things distracting me.

So I logged into my email accounts only about 4 times today. Social Networks about couple of times. Let me see how this works out and how many pages I end up writing!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life is like a kite

Life is like a kite, with all the freedom it has, it flutters its wings,
free in the open space, blowing as the wind blows.
But as the string that holds it back to ground,
You need to have such strings to hold you back to ground,
Remind you of things that are more solid, that have more values
than thinking on the fly and living life on whims and fancies.
Stronger the thread, better it can hold you,
Enjoy the winds that blow your way, never get blown away!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nostalgic Times!

This day as I wrote the date, it struck me that its another month to go!
Another month by which everything changes and it will never come back to today.
I have many aspirations to meet and do and hopefully this year,will mark the time to check them right!

And every single day from now seems more so important. Though every year this day seems too large, off late, I feel so relieved when the day gets over and I feel I can get back being normal!

Yet this time I feel different in a different. Not because of any jublilation in mind. Far from it, those come only after I achieve what's in front of me!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Legs up on a holiday!

We had a day off on account of Republic day and spent most of the day planning to go out. Finally we did for a Republic day celebration in our club. The kids had a field day and you can expect how it must have been for the adults. We again decided we were right in thinking never to take the kids out! None of them eat, other than drinking those Maazas, Fantas...

This picture of Peddu shows their freaking day out!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Strange as it may Sound!

Sometimes strange as it may sound, many things happen after you do something unexpected! And all for your own good.

Example of this could be what happened with Facebook Fan page for Cooking 4 all Seasons.

This morning I reached 100 fans for the page and I was really excited as the page forever had some technical problem and wouldn't load for many who said they couldn't' become Fans of the page. I was always feeling embarrassed from the beginning for having created. Now I have to go tell everybody about it? Surely not.
So it was left on its own and I never did anything about it.
Until this morning, when I thought I will share that small piece of info on my FB profile that the page reached its 100! Imagine my shock when I hear from so many that they didn't know about the page and they were upset on not getting an invite!!
Well good news is about 45 people joined since morning after that little status update!
Goes to show how small things can have big returns! Everything in life is so. Never hesitate to do what is required to do your part. Never thing of the final result before even attempting it.

Things will happen Finally!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meeting old friends!

Sometimes you remember people from your past
and remember those wonderful days that were yours.
Then you meet them and live them all over again.
It's a feeling like those days are here again.
Compare and rejoice at what life has offered you and them
Both good and bad were the cause of what you are today

Live day as it comes, yet at fleeting moments remember
Those lovely days that are wonderful memories.
And make efforts to make this day a gift for the future
For all you have right now is now!
Meeting old friends, makes you remember that
Life is a wonderful Journey with so many new faces everyday!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sometimes you are so caught up that you don't remember what goes on around you. It was my friends birthday and I completely forgot on the day, though I was remembering until the previous day to wish. I was thinking of my school days how we used to spend our birthday and wonder where all those days have gone...

Is it really all gone and only in our memories? I find it so hard to accept. Where is my chance to do things properly all over again? One's childhood is very the perfect one to have lived and we always feel we should get another chance at making amends to all those minute things. But we are never given that chance.

This is when I feel we should live our kids childhood. As parents we get another chance to live childhood. Make it more wonderful in the way we want. But is that what they want?

Questions are many..answers hardly..before you know kids are grown up. Maybe you can implement them for your grandchildren!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 22nd in Retrospect!

Though I chartered atleast 1000 words to write everyday, beyond looking at the pages, I didn't move one bit further. But I was really glad that today was more fruitful in other ways. I finally discovered Kindle, Amazon's sleek product to read eBooks. I have started converting my ebook into it. Should be over shortly!

Thinking back on finding about Kindle, I understood how things happen. All without us knowing about it. Just few months back when I heard about this, I was wondering why I wasn't able to understand this medium. I tried reading on it. But everything sound so difficult to follow.

Yet it hardly took me 10 minutes to sign up and convert my ebook to Kindle format! Everything in life is such. When you fear something, you never get it. It happens when you least expect.

Keep your doors open, success or happiness comes through doors we never knew were kept open!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ The Music!

My love for old hindi classics is boundless. I am fortunate that my hubby dear loves them too.
My interest must have started because my Dad love them too.
And it continues because my husband loves them too.

One of the things I wanted to do from this new year, was to listen to music
that lifts the soul. And there are many such tunes, only in the daily grind,
one forgets that.

I happen to listen to Kabhi Kabhi last evening, naturally I started humming

Main pal do pal ka shayar hoon
pal do pal meri kahani hai
pal do pal meri hasti hai
pal do pal meri jawani hai
main pal do pal ka shayar hoo

The uncertainty and pathos that reflects from these words felt appreciate,
until Lubna reminded me of the other version of the song,

Maein Har Ek Pal Ka Shaayar Hoon
Har Ek Pal Meri Kahani Hai
Har Ek Pal Meri Hasti Hai
Har Ek Pal Meri Jawaani Hai

Well I realized it depends on how you approach things..
Since the new year, I have been high on inspirational thoughts.
It starts from having positive thinking, not dwelling on negative thoughts
Though pathos and melancholy sounds so passionate, they are not really worth our cries!

Hopefully I get back to dig those favorite music from where were they are hidden right now!

And 2000 words per day goal!, Ok that sounds too much..maybe 1000 per day! Wish me luck

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ Jan 20th

I was musing over many cookbooks spread before
wondering when I will be mulling over mine!
At midnight, these thoughts are never but
depressing. I turn to see my babies sleeping
and wonder when I can again sleep without a care!

Thoughts are many, ideas are boundless,
when will they get formed...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ Life is beautiful!

With thoughts that refuse to go away
you only think you have nothing else
but to do these things!
The soft, nostalgic smell of your child
brings back those wonderful days again
only to make you want to embrace them
all over again, to reassure yourself,
that life is beautiful!

Events as they happen ~ Jan 18th!

I finally came around having a small booklet made with papers that were empty on one side. It is small enough to fit my purse and be with me at all times. I have filled in with tasks that need to be done. I actually have been feeling very productive since having it.

Focus, Focus is the mantra for this year. Though I have accomplished most of the things I planned for these 18 days, I was still feeling hurried that 18 days have passed.

I have just posted 3 different posts and that feels like a big thing achieved!

Off to sleep, of course before soaking the dals for a new dosa that I planned to make! It requires that it be soaked for 5 hrs and then fermented 1 hr. How is that possible for a working woman? So I decided I soak it for 6 -7 hrs. Naturally I will update based on the success rate!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Lady in the 90's ~ Pencil Sketch

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Events as they happen ~ Jan 16th!

When out of the fridge it sprung it felt life steeping in
It gathered hope that finally its day has come
but poor soul got sadden as the day neared,
with the tantalizing aroma sniffing from the kitchen,
it realized it's going go back to the cold compartments
with company of other freezing things, that never looked bright

When was a apple more appealing than a crispy meddu vada?

Events as they happen ~ Jan 15th!

With the Sankranthi Festival comes the Chennai Sangamam ~ the Open Festival to the city!

We went to the nearby park to catch the action live with kids. Even before we got in, kids were more keen on the balloons that were being sold outside. Finally we did get back home with one for each. Though promptly two got bursted, leaving just that Yellow one behind!

Food stalls selling fast foods and other items!

Stage all set for the evening show!

The eagerly waiting crowd..

Finally...Lord Shiva and Parvati with their blessings!

They were so obliging to pose for the camera, of course Shiva was upset on his missing crown.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Lady!

Pencil Sketch done 13 years ago!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Events as they happen ~ Jan 13th

Today was Bogi, the day started with Konda running to check out the Bon fire. But I couldn't see many of them doing it. Went to office and was discussing what to make for Sankranthi, thinking about Poli. Hubby dear was telling with the hectic schedule we need not bother about such laborious tasks!

I was only too glad to heed to that!..:)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Events as they happen ~ Jan 12th

Today finally after 4 days of missing their Dad, Chinnu and Konda were crying non stop for an hour. Hubby dear had gone on a trip and every evening when the kids came home, they ask for their dad and convince themselves that he has gone for office!

Somehow Konda gets so sentimental the moment she hears her dad is gone on a trip. She manages not to show to the boys. But this evening, she started crying and Chinnu followed suit and for non stop one hour he was crying!

Finally the lolli pop saved the day!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ Things that get done!

As I was crossing by, I searched for the sun.
I could scantily see it come by
It was shying away like a new bride
Kissing so softly the clouds as it passed by.
The breeze so soft and cool, it felt it was
a winter morning still.

With the sun playing hide and seek,
The day still not fully bright.
Hopes stirred again with hopes that
things planned well ahead, will surely
get done as planned. And the day ends
with a sweet note of things accomplished!

Started the day very bright, somehow when the day is cool with chill breeze I get very motivated. Had lot of things done. Though had planned for two posts tonight with hubby dear still traveling. But slept with the kids and woke up with a start! One post out, its 11.30 pm now. Hope hubby dear doesn't read this, editing the second post!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Events as they happen ~ Jan 10th

Wanted to quickly update today before the usual things get me bowled over! Being Sunday has its own regular things to do. But for a change, I cleaned the Pooja room which normally is hubby dear's favorite one to do.

The day started with the kids most favorite breakfast Appam with Tomato Kurma. It's either this or Poori with Channa. Since the boys didn't eat their dinner last night they were keen to have an early breakfast.

They have now gone to watch their sister play cricketucal (cricket)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Journey called Life...

The painting you see on the header best describes my outlook towards life! Unruffled, calm taking stock of what life has to offer in the best way possible. While still continuing my fishing...Though I have never been fishing, I can empathize on a different level what that reflects to life. If your bait is good you will surely land up with the best catch! Plus it teaches you patience, the most important trait to lead a happy life.

In a different lifetime, I was a writer, poet, an artist. In this, I am a wife, mother, a blogger. While my day job is something I love, it is completely different from what my blogs talk about. I believe one person can have passions for many.

I am very passionate about Indian Cuisine and would love to share my whatever little knowledge I have learnt from my mom and mother-in-law. If you are interested you can check out what gets cooked in my kitchen in Cooking 4 all Seasons.  I am also interested about Parenting, planning diet for Kids and Diabetes. I urge you to check out Spice your Life! I am sure you will have load of things to Spice up your Life!

Though this space was created first, it hardly got the attention it deserved. As a remedy I decided to update everyday with something that was my focus during the day. Enlightenment, spark of light or knowledge, call what you may, can occur at odd times to different people. To me, it mostly occurs when I am on my bike, especially climbing a bridge. With the cool breeze that hits hard, raising me along, makes my heart light, soul bright and thoughts sour to a world different. Words that flow may not be exactly like from The Bard, but then I am not the Bard right!

I hope you stay to enjoy what this space has to offer you!

Events as they happen ~ Jan 9th

First Saturday in the new year that I was at home and spent very usefully by cooking about 3 different dishes. Then got around getting Konda sit and decide on what she wants. Though it was almost most of what I make through the week, it was fun getting her interested. We decided on the breakfast and lunch.

Went to pick up the boys and my niece. They were elated seeing me. Had a fun trip back home and spent next hour making them eat cakes and playing house with them. They are so easy to please. Well almost!

I am trying to change the template of this blog, lets see if I can!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ Chill Day!

What is it about a chill day
That you heart feels as if on wings
What is it about a chill day
That you feel all set to snuggle together
What is it about a chill day
That you feel warm with your family around

Yes a chill day is enough to make you happy
Happy that you have somebody to snuggle around!

Charlie Chaplin ~ A Sketch!

This more than a decade old sketch finally comes out of shelf!

Charlie Chaplin represents much of a merry childhood scene. But on a different note, though he portrays joy and happiness to one who sees, has so much pathos within!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Events as they happen ~ Jan 4th

I had to go bring Chinnu from his school by 12 noon as he was having diarrhea. The moment I entered, I heard him calling out to Peddu saying "Anna, Ekada ra (Anna come here)" and his Kavitha akka was teasing him. The moment I called from down, they tried sending Peddu, who started crying, inside and sent Chinnu down.

Chinnu was most thrilled seeing me and wanted to know where his Dad was. He ran to the bike and then asked why Peddu and Lucky (my niece) were not coming. I tried telling him something and reached home within 5 mins. Getting down, he again asked for them. When I said they won't be coming home, he looked at me and said "Lucky unilay, Pedduni Pilluchukoony ra (Let Lucky be at school, you bring Peddu). Hearing him say that my heart swelled.

They fight often, yet miss each other's company so much. Chinnu was alright by evening.

Rest of the day passed off, yet I managed to do the Best of 2009 round up by 12 am.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ Be it happiness or pain!

Life is not to be spent in remorse!
Life is more to enjoy every moment that passes
Be it happiness or pain,
in pain I take strength, to enjoy the joys more
in happiness I know, I am more strong for
what I have learnt just now!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ If I had...

If I had wings, my dreams would have taken flight
If I had no strings, I wouldn't have been stuck behind
If I had no hopes, I wouldn't have survived
If I had no passion, these wouldn't have been seen.
If I had no dreams, there won't be an I.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ A New Beginning!

With the year in passing, lets take a moment to look back
in wonder where the days have gone by.
With a prayer in heart, lets be thankful for all the abundance
that came our way and hope and pray the new year brings
more such moments our way!

As the dawn dawns. hopes as bright as the dreams
spring up, thoughts as clear as a baby's eyes takes wings.
This day, the first of many yet unfilled days on calendar,
looks bright and warm. Life seems to offer a palette,
Lets splash and slash with all hues colourful and bright!
Celebrate life as how it should be...