Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 22nd in Retrospect!

Though I chartered atleast 1000 words to write everyday, beyond looking at the pages, I didn't move one bit further. But I was really glad that today was more fruitful in other ways. I finally discovered Kindle, Amazon's sleek product to read eBooks. I have started converting my ebook into it. Should be over shortly!

Thinking back on finding about Kindle, I understood how things happen. All without us knowing about it. Just few months back when I heard about this, I was wondering why I wasn't able to understand this medium. I tried reading on it. But everything sound so difficult to follow.

Yet it hardly took me 10 minutes to sign up and convert my ebook to Kindle format! Everything in life is such. When you fear something, you never get it. It happens when you least expect.

Keep your doors open, success or happiness comes through doors we never knew were kept open!

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