Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sometimes you are so caught up that you don't remember what goes on around you. It was my friends birthday and I completely forgot on the day, though I was remembering until the previous day to wish. I was thinking of my school days how we used to spend our birthday and wonder where all those days have gone...

Is it really all gone and only in our memories? I find it so hard to accept. Where is my chance to do things properly all over again? One's childhood is very the perfect one to have lived and we always feel we should get another chance at making amends to all those minute things. But we are never given that chance.

This is when I feel we should live our kids childhood. As parents we get another chance to live childhood. Make it more wonderful in the way we want. But is that what they want?

Questions are many..answers hardly..before you know kids are grown up. Maybe you can implement them for your grandchildren!

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