Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Events as they happen ~ Jan 12th

Today finally after 4 days of missing their Dad, Chinnu and Konda were crying non stop for an hour. Hubby dear had gone on a trip and every evening when the kids came home, they ask for their dad and convince themselves that he has gone for office!

Somehow Konda gets so sentimental the moment she hears her dad is gone on a trip. She manages not to show to the boys. But this evening, she started crying and Chinnu followed suit and for non stop one hour he was crying!

Finally the lolli pop saved the day!


Happy cook said...

When Shyama was 4 she and I came 2 weeks earlier to India as hans had to perform in UN. From the day we were in my moms place , mom had to remove and hids all the pics with Hans as she just cried and cried.
When is S going to get home, i am sure kids will be happy when they see him.

Lakshmi said...

It is sad that kids miss daddy. We also find it very hard when one in household has to travel.

Hope you are all together soon.

Srivalli said...

That is so cute F, though I know it must have been hard at that time..Yes they weer elated seeing him back

Lakshmi, that is so true..thanks for the thought!