Monday, January 11, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ Things that get done!

As I was crossing by, I searched for the sun.
I could scantily see it come by
It was shying away like a new bride
Kissing so softly the clouds as it passed by.
The breeze so soft and cool, it felt it was
a winter morning still.

With the sun playing hide and seek,
The day still not fully bright.
Hopes stirred again with hopes that
things planned well ahead, will surely
get done as planned. And the day ends
with a sweet note of things accomplished!

Started the day very bright, somehow when the day is cool with chill breeze I get very motivated. Had lot of things done. Though had planned for two posts tonight with hubby dear still traveling. But slept with the kids and woke up with a start! One post out, its 11.30 pm now. Hope hubby dear doesn't read this, editing the second post!

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