Monday, January 25, 2010

Strange as it may Sound!

Sometimes strange as it may sound, many things happen after you do something unexpected! And all for your own good.

Example of this could be what happened with Facebook Fan page for Cooking 4 all Seasons.

This morning I reached 100 fans for the page and I was really excited as the page forever had some technical problem and wouldn't load for many who said they couldn't' become Fans of the page. I was always feeling embarrassed from the beginning for having created. Now I have to go tell everybody about it? Surely not.
So it was left on its own and I never did anything about it.
Until this morning, when I thought I will share that small piece of info on my FB profile that the page reached its 100! Imagine my shock when I hear from so many that they didn't know about the page and they were upset on not getting an invite!!
Well good news is about 45 people joined since morning after that little status update!
Goes to show how small things can have big returns! Everything in life is so. Never hesitate to do what is required to do your part. Never thing of the final result before even attempting it.

Things will happen Finally!

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