Friday, February 26, 2010

The last day that is..

More than other days, some days always remain very important. Though each and every day never comes back, we tend to just go on with it. But on few days, more than the others, you pause and think. Think of all those years that have gone by and all the years to come. In the crossroad of your life, you understand important things and learn valuable lessons.
This day will never come back, my thoughts and wishes will for ever be with me though. This year is sorts of milestone for me. Every morning when I wake up, I get up with the thoughts that this day brings me closer to my dreams. The purpose of life is to lead a life of purpose. And yes, I have it all sorted out. Only it has to happen!
And yes I made those peas parathas, you will read about it shortly! I hope it will be enjoyed as I did.
Tomorrow is another day, another era, lets get ready to play the music!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The thoughts!

Open the mail box to see a birthday greetings from hotmail. It never misses to amuse me how I feel reading that greeting. Even though I thought the day is not going to matter much, my family ensures they don't leave the day without something memorable. Konda has been reminding me since Feb 1st, she is planning something big she said. So sweet, and then she goes and tells the boys that in two days time its going to be amma's birthday. My sweet sweet Peddu comes and asks me, Amma Neini Birthday na? It took me couple of seconds to understand what he was saying. My heart just melted hearing him say that!
The previous night, my darling Chinnu asked me such a tough question. I was stumbled for a moment without knowing what to tell him correct. We were getting ready to sleep, when suddenly Chinnu asks me in Telugu, "Amma, why should we sleep daily"? Now what was I supposed to tell him, I thought. Then I gathered him and told him. See you run around so much and play right. So you will be tired and should rest. That means you should sleep so that you get rest and don't feel tired.
So today Peddu repeated to me saying we are going to sleep because we are tired and should rest. Once they slept, I was thinking about the stuffed parathas that I have to make. Its to be planned for the morning breakfast.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Action packed day!

The day was fully packed, not a minute left for anything. Since I had a post coming up for which I had to work on the pictures, I went in early the previous night to get the burger buns. Then planned for the morning to click on the pictures. I felt sad that I promised burgers for Konda's breakfast. Yet couldn't make them.

Finally I had everything ready only after kids left for school. We managed to click pictures for three posts. Now that is what I call efficiant way of working. I was so glad I had Athamma and Hubby dear helping me out. This actually gave me a rehearal for the next photo session. I realised how many props and other accessories I need to have on hand.

At the last moment, batteries went for in the camera, we again had to take from the P & S. But with a tripod, pictures always come very professitonal! Now I am getting ready for the next one in which I am planning to take atleast five different sets. I need all the luck I can get!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Those long forgotten moments!

Something reminded me of those lovely nights spent dallying in our balcony while in the background, those soft old Hindi classics melodiously lulling me sleep. Dad had an easy chair, which was with us for many many years. And during late evenings at about nine or so, before dinner, I used to lay down on the easy chair and look upon the sky. Most time, I would be gazing at the moon.
I always found a face staring, smiling back at me. I have even felt the expression changing on my own moods. But most times, I felt the moon smiling so sweetly at me. It was the best friend I ever had. All those lovely nights spent gazing at the moon, gazing back at me, with that soft music in the background healed my soul as nothing can ever do.
Maybe all those moments were what I ever needed. Each person needs some time to meditate, to achieve what depends on individual needs. But a time for own, where one gets to feel one owns soul and feel that peace is most important to get back the energy needed to achieve greater things in life.
I know I may never get another chance to experience the joy that comes sitting out almost on a lone starlight night, gazing blackly at the moon, wondering what life has in store for me. Nor wishing I have the power and courage to take stock and move forward.
No for two reasons, one I know now what I have to do. I, alone am responsible to charter my life's destiny, nobody else will get the lead on that.
Second, I no longer can afford such "alone" time. Life, is too short to be spent day dreaming. That is only for mislead youths!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Time in passing!

When you meet old friends, you almost feel time hasn't transgressed! You get transported to those good old days and feel that you are living in those days again. Every period in your life matters, you can't really decide which one you want back. But though with thoughts that say maybe given another chance, with the experience I have now, maybe I will live it better?

Well that again is not possible right, maybe you just got to live with the thoughts that whatever happened happened because it is destined to happen. Live life now as best as you can! For, few years later you shouldn't end up thinking you could've lived these days better!

But one can't suppress the thoughts that come gushing, making you feel all that innocence washing you and you ache for those days back with you. Those youthful days spent carefree, taking the wind head-on, never worried about what next you have to worry on. Life teaches all so many lessons, we have to be smart enough to learn them fast.

Maybe I will just take those thoughts again, feel them and enjoy them for what they were. Rather than thinking how I miss those days, I will have to make sure I don't miss my present. I hardly listen to current popular music, infact I don't even know. The only music I listen too, are all those from the past. Each one of them reminds me of a time immemorial and I am transported back in time. Nostalgic, weepy, yet reminds you that you have the best to do now.

Gifted are those, who have friends for life. When you meet friends from a different time, you are fortunate to remember your wonderful past! But you are even more fortunate when you have parents and your significant other as your friends. You then walk the life with them as support!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I really wonder where you ran away so fast! Its been exactly 4 days since I updated this space. I tried hard ok, I really did. But fate tend to have a mind of its own. Past few days, kids are very insistent in retaining me back with them to sleep, by the time they do, I am asleep too. Two days straight and it has become a habit.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Name is ....

Khan, Khhan from the epiglottis. Saw the movie today. First impression is, never expected the story line to be like that. Anyway I always like the movies that I take pain to see in the cinema. So it was fine. With aging actors, you can only go a limited line right!
I was so tired and sleepy which always happens when I think I can just close my eyes pretending to be asleep for the kids. I ended up sleeping, waking up pretty late for any work to get done. I thought I might as well sleep through. Was feeling guilty but once in a while I can do that I suppose!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Passing Time!

Was trying hard to complete lots of work, managed to finish major of them. Finally thought I really shouldn't be getting worked up like this! After all I made a promise to self that I will enjoy every day as it comes, and not get worked up thinking of all the 101 things that always need to get done.
After all there is only one Tuesday Feb 16th that comes and it is already on the way out!
Yesterday I bought a big oil pastels for Konda, that's inspiring enough to start some painting..lets see what will get unearthed!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Cools!

The aftermaths of a weekend which involves exerting your muscles to the maximum, the dull Monday looks beautiful. The day almost looks like you are on vacation. Anyway, we are still struggling without a help at home. I barely managed to get the kids eat and sleep on time. Peddu refused to sleep.
I was sleeping away thinking of the game the kids were playing. All of them were doctors and their Dad was the small baby who came in for vaccination. He was imprisoned by all two, one was trying to force a medicine into the mouth! Imagine how well it stays in their mind...incredible young minds!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The day!

A day more productive it can't be, squeezing in as much as possible. Felt really good that things worked out fine. Hubby dear's latest pet is our new camera and everything is his subjects. I was piqued that he decided that I was while I was happy in my kitchen.
Then konda was posing for him in different angles. Not to mention the boys trying out stunts for their Dad. But end of the day we were drained and felt the day was really longgggggg..

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Things look different and changes its colour depending on how you look at it. And based on how your perspective is through the day. Perspective, what a word. A word that we tag for our convenience.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Flowers from Malaysia...real ones which stayed fresh for 15 days. Now don't ask me for the name. More about this later..I just remembered this and the day Dad got it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today in retrospect

The day was good, with many things accomplished. I was very organized and focused. Wish I update the same for every day..Came up with many ideas for the book. Well only thing left is to get those things back on the book. Back home it was very hectic having to do all the household stuff, but in a way it was so good seeing Peddu and Chinnu being so occupied with each other. They played house, trying to cook like me. I am surprised that my boys are also so interested in cooking, seeing us.
They made me dosa, coffee and what was most enjoyable part of the day

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paradox as it can get!

Just when I thought I was finding it hard to sleep, I had finished all the work today and kids slept early, which was amazing. In the end didn't know what to do, though I had lots of work on To do list. Anyway I thought for once I shouldn't be paranoid on that list and chill out.

After reading a chapter, finally went to sleep...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why waste it sleeping!

I recently heard somewhere someone say, "We got one life, why waste it sleeping" I was really impressed by that statement. Never knew I might actually get to practice it. I find myself so restless, wanting to do hundred and one different thing at the same time. I know I got to brake on this pattern. 

There was a time when I happily used to sleep 9 hrs, look forward to sleeping, dream of dreaming. Of course had lots of day dreaming. Maybe even now...Well kids finally went to bed and I am here with a post. Have few books to read and few papers to go through..

Monday, February 8, 2010

Things that have a mind of its own!

Well imagine feeling different all of a sudden! A diet that I have been following for so many months suddenly feels very tough. Is it because I announced to the whole world about it? Well come what may I am determined to follow it through. The day was tough at work, had everything happening that prevented me from following the plan.

I was happy that I was through it finally! I was elated with the feedback to the diet plan. I am more determined in seeing this through..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A little Journey again!

I am embarking on yet another journey today. What started almost a year and more ago, what has been part of my life this past one year, starts official again from tomorrow. 

I am hoping to keep through this. I have planned for quite a long time and should see through it. Will writing about it in Spice your Life, after all that is the idea behind that blog. How things spice my life and how I hope that in turn spices others life!

Will expect you to read it there...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

One of those days!

Today must be one of those days which ends up being unproductive from the start! Never had a grip on the time and only felt distraught at not having accomplished anything. Was it because it was a Saturday. Of course not, but still feel off that it was so. I know I am becoming obsessive of my scrapbook with tasks to do. It is ever piling and nothing is getting scored off.
If this rate is maintained, I might as well end up with a book full of unfinished tasks! Now how is that for book idea?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Work in progress

With Canon EOS 1000D - The Object in focus until we learn the working of the camera is our Holy Basil plant / Tulasi.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day flies!

I never realised how the day just flew! There I was thinking I should do so many..yet time vanished before I could even see or notice it. Today was my niece's birthday. I can still remember the day she was born, I was almost the first person to carry her. She was so tiny and was snuggling into me. How precious are those days. Hearing the news of her arrival, Konda who was 4 years then, literally rolled on floor with joy!

She did the same for her brothers too...Today seeing her cousin's birthday party, she wanted one done for her too. We tried telling her that she was old for such balloon parties..but then guess she is still too young to understand. So it shall be a balloon party!

Catch up tomorrow..its already tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

State of mind!

Through the day various things happened that were changing the mind as it went. First I came to know that Spice you Life blog was nominated in a bloggie award. Then Hubby dear called up to say he was taking Konda for a movie. It was a movie on Father and daughter. He said they wanted to watch it alone. Since they had lot of time, they dropped in to office. My colleagues were seeing Konda after a long time. Most of them were purring on like how cute she is and she sweet she is. I couldn't but feel pride in that. Of course, all those were not because of me.

I felt strange that I was not being my usual strict self. Yes I hate being strict with the kids, but if I am not, who else! Afterall I convince myself saying it is for their good. I am right, right?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures ~ this and that!

Basil plant from front yard!

Boys's Book..How symbolic! was pretty late when hubby dear took these pictures..while I was updating the blogs..

Monday, February 1, 2010

The day that it was!

It does sound crazy you know. The whole house is sleeping and here I am trying to gather my thoughts. Trying to be more clear on what I want. Turning over the leaf on the calender, I was shocked to realize it was already the 1st of February. 31 days have passed and I don't think I have done as much as I planned.

I remember those days when I used to sit back late in the night and write my diary. This looks and sounds so much the same. Except I used to record I got up this time, slept this time,..blah blah..Guess it is no different now. Now I am talking about this idea, that idea. What gets done? Will surely update on that.

Anyway one major decision that we made today was to get our project move forward with the way we wanted. I know that might take some real efforts, but we are for it.