Wednesday, February 3, 2010

State of mind!

Through the day various things happened that were changing the mind as it went. First I came to know that Spice you Life blog was nominated in a bloggie award. Then Hubby dear called up to say he was taking Konda for a movie. It was a movie on Father and daughter. He said they wanted to watch it alone. Since they had lot of time, they dropped in to office. My colleagues were seeing Konda after a long time. Most of them were purring on like how cute she is and she sweet she is. I couldn't but feel pride in that. Of course, all those were not because of me.

I felt strange that I was not being my usual strict self. Yes I hate being strict with the kids, but if I am not, who else! Afterall I convince myself saying it is for their good. I am right, right?

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