Thursday, February 25, 2010

The thoughts!

Open the mail box to see a birthday greetings from hotmail. It never misses to amuse me how I feel reading that greeting. Even though I thought the day is not going to matter much, my family ensures they don't leave the day without something memorable. Konda has been reminding me since Feb 1st, she is planning something big she said. So sweet, and then she goes and tells the boys that in two days time its going to be amma's birthday. My sweet sweet Peddu comes and asks me, Amma Neini Birthday na? It took me couple of seconds to understand what he was saying. My heart just melted hearing him say that!
The previous night, my darling Chinnu asked me such a tough question. I was stumbled for a moment without knowing what to tell him correct. We were getting ready to sleep, when suddenly Chinnu asks me in Telugu, "Amma, why should we sleep daily"? Now what was I supposed to tell him, I thought. Then I gathered him and told him. See you run around so much and play right. So you will be tired and should rest. That means you should sleep so that you get rest and don't feel tired.
So today Peddu repeated to me saying we are going to sleep because we are tired and should rest. Once they slept, I was thinking about the stuffed parathas that I have to make. Its to be planned for the morning breakfast.

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