Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Those long forgotten moments!

Something reminded me of those lovely nights spent dallying in our balcony while in the background, those soft old Hindi classics melodiously lulling me sleep. Dad had an easy chair, which was with us for many many years. And during late evenings at about nine or so, before dinner, I used to lay down on the easy chair and look upon the sky. Most time, I would be gazing at the moon.
I always found a face staring, smiling back at me. I have even felt the expression changing on my own moods. But most times, I felt the moon smiling so sweetly at me. It was the best friend I ever had. All those lovely nights spent gazing at the moon, gazing back at me, with that soft music in the background healed my soul as nothing can ever do.
Maybe all those moments were what I ever needed. Each person needs some time to meditate, to achieve what depends on individual needs. But a time for own, where one gets to feel one owns soul and feel that peace is most important to get back the energy needed to achieve greater things in life.
I know I may never get another chance to experience the joy that comes sitting out almost on a lone starlight night, gazing blackly at the moon, wondering what life has in store for me. Nor wishing I have the power and courage to take stock and move forward.
No for two reasons, one I know now what I have to do. I, alone am responsible to charter my life's destiny, nobody else will get the lead on that.
Second, I no longer can afford such "alone" time. Life, is too short to be spent day dreaming. That is only for mislead youths!

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