Friday, December 24, 2010

The year in passing..

Some days are always itched so deeply in memory that you really don't have to make an effort to remember them. They come crashing and you are left drenched in the memories that come gushing down. Three years ago yesterday, we had embarked on an adventure with our little toddlers on an unforgettable journey. Even after so many years later, the details of every minute spent, stays fresh in my mind. We were visiting my Parents in Calcutta and it a first trip for us as a family traveling so far and especially to my home. Home always meant being next door, for the first time it was so hard not having them close by. And the joy I felt seeing them again can't be expressed in mere words.
I wrote about the trip a year later and yet I never felt I forgot any detail from that trip. Calcutta during the Christmas time was beautiful. The whole city was celebrating and the joy was contagious. We had a Santa coming to gift us a cake and balloons for the kids. Their joy knew no bounds seeing those balloons. Small are the joys of tiny tots, wish we could say the same. Yet it was such for me too, basking in my parent's love and seeing their happiness, playing with their grandchildren.
When we cut the plum cake, I was reminded of how much I always longed to bake my own fruit cake for Christmas. Hubby dear always says the day ought to be remembered with a cake and wine. And every year we get it for Christmas lunch. Though I have been baking since I was 20 years, I never baked a plum cake. And when I stopped baking, I had no hope I would ever do it.
I remember reading somewhere someone saying "One should always dream, how else will you experience the joy of your dream coming true?" How very true, my dream of so many years finally happened today, thanks to the many wonderful friends I am fortunate to have around me. Their generous sharing not fails to rub and you are filled with warm with those unexpected gestures and kind words. A soul sore after being pained, feels warmth from such gestures. Certain things have to be accepted. Life goes on...
Speaking of friends, this year has been truly remarkable. I finally met my childhood friends, some after a span of 18 years. Some though I have been in touch for years, got connected again which meant so much. One can never outlive their childhood right! As you grow older, you stop growing. You become a spectator to the life that happens in front of you. Happy at times, Sad at some, the strings that hold seem to have no handle for you to do much. You are a mere puppet doing your part in the show.
Still there is so much joy in knowing your friend is just a phone call away, not somewhere in the unknown, beyond grasps. Talking to whom, reminds you of those moments from past, that brings a joy to heart, reliving those glorious days again in mind. How much ever fulfilled and meaningful your life is now, childhood will forever remain that exalted state for all.
The fun we had when the gang got together over the phone across continents, I could sense the happiness tingling all the way through. I may yet to still achieve what I had set out for this year, there may have been many hardships that came our way, I am grateful for the year that is passing, for the wonderful days that will remain forever fresh in memory. We are stepping ahead with heart full of hopes, of achieving more than what we can, put the best step forward, things are bound to happen right! There is no dearth for optimisms', it is all how you look at!
Come tomorrow, we will take a toast with a slice of homemade fruit cake, store bought wine for our new business venture to go long way. And to wish my friends and family joy in the days that come ahead. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, then Happy Pongal..Cycle goes on..

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A day like this!

Somethings really strikes us most peculiar, and that I can refer to the weather that we have been witnessing past couple of days. It is so chill! So chill to chill your bones. While I ran around twice early night to get the kids from tuition, I could feel the chill breeze hitting me strongly and I felt cringing closer.

This afternoon I actually took a nap without the fan on. Hubby dear teased me that I always sleep in the freezer and he was shocked to see the fanless room! While taking Konda to her class, she said how she wished it would snow in our dear city. Well, I was so surprised my daughter would share the same thought as I did.

A lazy Sunday well spent, albeit quite a few tidings to kids. Cooked something new but actually didn't feel like clicking them, which was so new. But anyway I can always cook again since hubby dear said it was good. Just waiting for the few more hours to pass by, for us to begin our roller coaster!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


These are the best, I mean the voices from your childhood. The moments take you on a fly and firmly bring back on earth with a feeling that you have come a circle. It was a conversation with a group of people who were such a part of your life and in between disappeared in thin air. You did speak to all of them at the same time, it felt that all these years interim was never there.

So many things happened in the years that went past, so many that you really can't express all. Yet it makes no sense to think about them, to worry over those thoughts or just forget them. All that mattered was the simple fact that we could finally, finally connect again. The feeling is awesome, it was like being back in the class, making all those pranks..

Life seems to have come so far, yet not that far for me to forget all those years ago..

Monday, November 29, 2010


There are some thoughts that come to mind very often. To me especially the thought that this year has been too quick was one thought that come too often to mention. During January, I was counting days and the list of items that ought to get done by so and so dates.

Yet I saw a steady tread of down hill at accomplishing certain things while some certainly never saw the day light. Apart from these were the usual thoughts that travel in a different level in our thought process and I so wish I had my notepad to capture them right away. But nothing happened. And yes those were forgotten on the way.

Added to these, is the fact that I have been having dreams. It's been a while since I had dreams. It used to be a habit for me, trying to remember my dreams and process what it has in relation to what happens. But I stopped getting dreams, maybe because I used to hit the pillow very tired and went into deep sleep right away. The other day I woke up with a dream which featured a super human hero and a trilling adventure. I remember the adventure very vividly even now. But somehow not able to pen it down.

When I happened to mention this to hubby dear, he teased me saying lack of time is what is preventing me from becoming the next Rowling in make. Yes big hopes, but that still make me think of my "The Adventures of Chin Chin" stories that I tell my kids..maybe someday!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Before you step in...Beware!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How you start your day!

I have strongly come to believe it depends on how to start your day, your day progresses. It is said if you spend the first 30 minutes thinking what you plan to do, how you are going to react to the various things that come your way, greatly affects your way of thinking and how you approach.

So this is the best time to start with new vibrating thoughts that can take you to new heights. I have experienced this first hand. Couple of days back, I happened read something that really upset me. I reacted to it right away! I was in bad mood for a while, not because it happened but because I reacted badly to it.

The feeling continued and it even showed up in an incident on the road. Traffic being what it is on the roads at the signal, a cyclist came over to bang me. I knew it wasn't my mistake, But as a general rule the cyclist blame the motorcyclist. He started off with a foul language, not giving me a moment to defend myself. Another motorcyclist silenced him saying its hardly a 2 min wait and you want to spoil it by yelling! And he said all this by signaling, which really put things into perspective.

I missed my walking for couple of days. after this incident felt I have to get back with vigour. For that really gave me my much needed "own time". I start the day walking and spending those 30 mins thinking back on various things that normally never surfaces out!

So many thoughts gush out that I really want to find a way to capture them all..But best of all, the feeling that you are walking all alone with nothing to disturb but your thoughts. Many things crystallize this way.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Brush with Truth!

Truth sometimes is unbelievably true!
No matter what you think or how you think
it still remains true.
No matter how much pressure, no matter
how much torture you have to go through,
Remain true to the truth, it will see you through!

Hardest pressure makes a diamond of a charcoal,
You are no less, if you know to keep head high,
in tide of tides..
What goes by shall come back for true.
Its only a matter of time..

Monday, September 20, 2010

A lesson learnt!

As always the morning breeze elevates your spirits like nothing. Surprising I felt pangs of Monday Morning Blues. It's not been regular for a while. A week has passed since I started walking in the mornings. It took finally a lecture from better half, that made me get more concerned on my health again.

He always says earning is important, but earning to pay for hospital bills is not! So I had to heed to that again. Its been great walking and feeling that spring in the move. I was glad that I didn't disappoint him by not being determined in my regime. When I started it last week on Sunday it was drizzling. I thought it was the most beautiful time for one to walk. It continued the same for the next couple of days.

While at it, I also happen to remember something else. Whenever somebody talks to me about exercise, I mostly used to reply that I don't find time. I sleep late and then I got to cook, pack lunches in the mornings etc. But now I find that when one makes up mind, time is always there. It only takes your determination.

Well I must say its a good lesson learnt!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


When you know you are right, no matter how wrong others think of you, doesn't matter
It hurts when people who you thought as friends don't trust you, but in time things will be clear.
Sometimes I wonder, what makes me go on and on.
Is it to prove to others or to myself?

I have no answers, but I know the wheels are moving you are just a goes on and on..

Monday, September 6, 2010

At a Snail Pace!

Taken during the walk in a park near by during our evening walk. That fact that it was my first of a kind and that fact that I got a picture to share, made me overcome my aversion to look further!

I finally understand what At a Snail Pace meant. Even with my slowest speed, this snail hadn't walked past one tile

Taken with hubby's dear mobile as my camera was not with me. Felt very funny to be seen with a camera during walk!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shaded Dreams!

This weekend during our return from a temple visit, we happened to stop to pluck the tender leaves from tamarind trees, we were greeted by these.

Hubby dear was busy clicking away from the tree

Only to be surprised by the abundant ones that were found on the ground!

Athamma wanted me to pluck it, I refused saying I wasn't sure if these were edible. She is forever after me to make something with mushroom. She is not able to accept that I detest these!

Doesn't this look cute?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A day to remember!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Memories around raksha bandhan are many to write short. Instead this picture will remind me of today with two eager little boys waiting for their sis to tie the pretty ones, while one elder boy was waiting for his turn...The designer rakhi was sent by hubby's younger sis. the other one is on the way he beamed!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pleasing preschoolers

Holding the interest of preschooler is really a tough job. These gifts were given to my twin boys, who are soon going to be 4 years old, for Friendship day. Their pleasure was so infectious.

Chinnu's Yellow Jeep along with Peddu's Blue Jeep.

Both of them literally lived with these brushes the whole day. Peddu says Pink is his while Chinnu was given Green.

Check out these trendy friendship bands that they sported the whole week long.

Peddu was all geared up with his new things..

Friday, August 6, 2010


If Greatness comes from doing great things..

Greatness of people you live with, comes from them
taking a backseat to let you do great things..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A trip to Yelagiri Hills

A trip was planned to Yelagiri Hills for the weekend with office colleagues. I took Konda along with me. Yelagiri is about 225 kms from Chennai and is a small hill town. The place is really very small and has a lake for tourist attraction. 

If you have the strength you can go trekking uphill, which I didn't attempt.

This was on the way to the hill.

Near the hotel we had quite a few jackfruit trees which had the fruits in reachable heights just like the above.

After we relaxed for a while, we walked down to the lake that was just across the corner. This was the entrance.

It is a long walk down, on the pavements you can see such fruits for sale. The colour fruits were quite interesting.  The big green ones are passion fruits.

Rest of it, excepting the Cashew fruits with nuts, I couldn't get the English names for them. 

Well being a foodie, I ought to be adventurous to taste right. So I risked to taste this fruit. It was tangy, pungent and something else all rolled in one. Of course the chilli powder ensured it masks the overall taste!

Those white and pinks ones are called paneer fruits in tamil.

Konda enjoying herself!

The view from one side of the lake.

While we were on the boat, my colleagues waiting for their turn.

That was one pretty flower!

Forest office, rather old by the looks..

Few models in the park round the lake.

This is a Bird view spot constructed on a huge tree. Few of them were adventurous enough to climb all the way up!

Our breakfast the next day. After eating all that, I obviously had to ride a bike and played badminton, which I was doing after 10 years.

Finally the trip back. The two days was really not enough in terms of traveling as the journey was quite tiring. But Konda was very energetic throughout and enjoyed the maximum. Infact she went for trekking with the elders and was the motivating factor for them to move on the path. I was elated knowing that.
So it was worth the pains in the end!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A First Love ~ Unabridged Version

First draft was 4 pages, I was thankful getting it to 3 pages. Finally on Sra's suggestion made it to 2 pages for the blog Event Chalks and Chopsticks.

As I mentioned I felt there is not much to the charm if there wasn't melodrama or something mysterious to the past. So read on and if you have time, let me know which one you liked better.

Warning: Don't blame me if you conk off to sleep!


With the cool breeze flowing into the car, Maya looked at her Dad telling her something. She didn't hear him; her thoughts were on something else. She was lingering on the past, the hurt that was as big as a mountain was trying to engulf her again. Taking a deep breath, she sat back. With a bated breath, with hopes that everything will work out best, she looked forward to a future that was still unknown.

They were moving into a new apartment, new neighbourhood, and a colony very similar to the one they were leaving. Daddy asked her to help him pack things they can't trust the workers with. They had an early start to avoid the traffic. Maya felt that they just settled in their new house when Daddy announced that they are going to move again.

Still Maya didn't mind the change, she wanted to live new dreams, create new friendship and many wonderful memories. Life is too short to live in the past. But hurt sometimes takes forever to heal. Shattered dreams take anions to be built again.

As the car was slowing down, Maya could see a bed of yellow flowers on the road path. Somehow those beautiful flowers on the floor were inviting her to take a shot again at life!

Maya got down helping Daddy; she was all of 17, and a looker. Heads always turned when she walked past. Though with a head full of dreams and ambitions beyond her vision, she hardly ever noticed. Yet she was always piqued that she never had steady girl friends. While boys flocked to her sides, girls kept their distance. And because she was such a tomboy, boys ended up being her best friends.

She was still day dreaming when she saw the lift stop and a gentleman walked out with a small boy and a puppy. She saw Daddy was signing out at her. She grudgingly moved forward to meet Mr. Jacob, their new neighbour.

She often wondered how certain incidents get itched on memory, never to be erased. The memory of that dew kissed January morning, with chill breeze hitting her face, with unsure future, with hopes that can fly high; she would forever remember that little boy's innocent face and an eager looking puppy that was ready to please.

Days passed into months, they slowly settled in the new place. Maya was taking comforts in her books. Of course not what the curriculum prescribed. But the many Mills & Boons she got from friends. Her friends cover the books with brown papers to hide from the teachers and then it was carried home too. Her Mom was very innocent to know that Maya no longer was only reading comics.

Her parents knew she was a good student if she cared enough. But in the days that passed she was so engrossed in that world, every corner turned Maya used to think a TDH hero would come pouncing forward. Of course she had a head on her shoulder that said there are no TDH heroes in real world.

Her new friends played tennis and finally convinced her to join them. One fine evening when she walked into the court, she felt conspicuous of many eyes eying her in varying expressions. The game wasn't new to her, but she felt very out of place.

When the game begun, her eyes were drawn to the opponent who was smashing every other shot at her. End of the game she was fuming and determined to get the better of him. Introduced or not, she wasn't bothered she wanted to give him a piece of her mind; little did she know she would barter her heart too.

For a person who was a tomboy and who cared a dime on what a guy thinks, she was speechless for couple of minutes. She wondered if she was day dreaming, as she was literally gaping at the person from books in front of her, who was actually grinning.

She was finally introduced to Dev, the chocolate boy of the gang. Maya didn't remember anything beyond that and knew from then on there was no reason why she shouldn't go to play tennis. Come rain or cyclone, Maya was seen on the court very promptly.

This was really funny because for all she existed, she was invisible to Dev. Just as she was clueless on why she had so many admirers, she was clueless as to why he never bothered to look.

Maya was determined that she is going to change the dynamics. She was given an opportunity before she even knew about it. At the yearly Tennis club cultural event, it was decided to have a potluck dinner. Each player was asked to bring along something.

They really had fun debating on the menu. Finally when it came to the desserts, they had bigger arguments. One wanted Ice creams, while one wanted payasam. While somebody was insisting on Carrot Halwa, most of them disagreed on carrot halwa, saying it was extremely difficult to make carrot halwa for such a large crown.

Maya was surprised to see Dev cheering so much for Carrot Halwa. He said special occasion called for special dishes and even offered to help grate the lot if the need be. Maya was surprised to find her offering to make it.

Was it a disdain that she saw in Dev's expression? She really didn't care any longer. She was determined she was going to make Carrot halwa no matter what the end result was going to be.

Then the reality sank in. How was she going to tell Mom that she offered to make Carrot Halwa? Grate about 7 - 8 kilos of Carrot? Trying to impress somebody is good, but being stupid is not one of it.

With the trepidation setting in, Maya walked home to inform Mom about the Carrot Halwa project. She need not have worried much; Mom was all excited about it. But Maya knew she won't be happy letting Mom have anything to do with the grating part.

On the D day, Maya went shopping with Mom to buy the carrots. Though she has accompanied Mom many times for vegetable shopping, this was the first time she ever really cared what she was buying. She was ready to know everything there is know how a carrot should be for a Halwa!

She can't actually remember when she first ate this halwa as Mom makes it pretty often. But this is the first time it ever got so much importance! With these thoughts she set out to grate the mountain in front of her. She did the first one, and then second, it continued. She lost count after a while.

She engaged her thought process in a different way. What did the bard say? Love's Labour's Lost? Or a labour of Love? Whatever, her mind was not in a state to decipher clearly. That's when she heard the call bell. With grated carrots all over her, she jumped out to open the door.

If she didn't faint, it was because she was made of a better mettle than she thought. It was Dev and few more friends who landed at her door steps to help grate the carrots. They even came with graters!

Mom was really impressed with her friends and she was hoping Mom would notice how well Dev was helping. Maya was simply happy knowing her Mom knew what a wonderful set of friends she has. Events blurred in her memory and she didn't know how the time passed. Dev and others finally left after the work was done, saying they look forward to eating the Halwa for dinner.

Maya helped Mom in making the halwa, most of the time standing next to the stove, making sure the milk wont’ spill over. If grating was a tough nut, getting that carrot cooked in milk was tougher. But she knew the result was a sweetest of all!

Finally with the halwa all packed in a container, Maya got dressed for the party. They had loads of events as part of the activities. But Maya was in trance. When it was time for dinner, Maya had butterflies. She didn't know what was going to happen, but knew something will.

Everybody was saying appreciating each of the dishes. She was with her friends along with Dev and saw he wasn't eating much. She was wondering what was wrong with him when somebody asked the same. He replied that he was saving space for the desserts!

When they moved on to the desserts, she saw Dev loading big scoops of Carrot Halwa. A friend next to him asked how come without tasting he was helping himself to double dose. He turned to say "When it was made with so much love, it is bound to be delicious" with that he looked at Maya with a twinkle in his eyes.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

State of Being!

What do you think of Happiness and What do you think of being Content?

Happiness is a state of Mind.
Content is a state of Soul.

You can be Content without being happy.
But you can't be happy without being content.

Happiness comes from achieving what you want,
Content comes from what you already have and being grateful for it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daughter's Love

Its almost a week late for this post to come. Last sunday being Father's day, Konda had a game for her father. The game was to check on a trail she left in the different parts of the house. He was supposed to find out the answers. He was finally lead to this doll. 

She gifted this doll to him.

Naturally Daddy dear was very elated on being gifted with a doll. Said this was the first time he was given a doll.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Circle of Life!

Life is always a circle, you move in motion to reach your start point. There is always this thing about "What goes, comes back!" It may sound very far fetched to talk about "Do good, good comes to you" when one is really taxed beyond imagination with daily everyday mundane things. But then, when it becomes your most critical point in life, you really can't ignore right!

Yes, when things started looking very bleak, when you don't know how to get going, think "This too shall pass"! There have been times when one was so hard pressed for time, everything was hurried, everything was pressured. Life seemed just too hard to move on. Then comes a period you won't believe has happened, a time when you can actually breath for a moment. And ponder in wonder that this period has come into your life. Cherish that to the maximum, its the celebration of life!

Friday, June 4, 2010

All Bound and ready!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mango Obsession!

Summer is really not summer if you haven't had your fill of Mangoes. I remember days when all the meals used to be just Mangoes and Mangoes. Endless list of dishes were prepared with both raw and ripe mangoes. Of course we are not used to making savory dishes with ripe mangoes. So with added calories, we add more sugar and what not!

I remember last year being very upset that my boys wouldn't eat these fruits. Fretting as such the summer passed away. To our dismay this summer was the worst we have seen. Not a single mango visible around the city. We got hold of some during our visit to a neaighbouring place. And some that Athamma brought back from Andhra.

Some I stored in the fridge and some out to ripen them. Out came Peddu asking, "Amma, I want Mango, Mango is a fruit! I was pleased that he identified it so well. Then he said I want to eat it. Mango is a fruit." Well finally my little boy is grown enough to ask for Mango, I thought. Chinnu tugged along with him but showed faces when I offered to him.

I chopped them into bite size and offered to Peddu, before I could even decide what next, he came running back asking for more! He didn't eat his dinner that day and slept dreaming about Mangoes. Next day morning, the first thing I hear from him was "I want Mango! By this time, Chinnu was really curious with Peddu's reaction.

Within minutes, I felt another pair of tiny hands pulling me. Turned to see Chinnu standing with a cup in hand! He wanted his share of Mangoes. Now I went about the task of slicing the remaining mangoes that I could find and within minutes all the mangoes disappeared. I had to dodge myself as I couldn't find anymore to slice. While no amount of persuasion could make him change his mind, Peddu took just about seconds to change the mind.

One look at hubby dear convinced that same thoughts were running in his mind. Before we could even sniff the fragrance of the tantalizing mangoes, they did a disappearing act.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The way back..

We had unexpected rains and should confess it caught us unaware. Not that it really matters. We always think every raining season that by next shower we should be better equipped. It started to be very cloudy since Tuesday afternoon, by evening it started drizzling. I think it started heavy pouring by night.

By the time we got up, it was pouring! The sight of the sky so open always catches me in wonder. I was standing there for a while enjoying the scene of the water coming down without constrain. Then I had to force myself to carry on with the work to get the boys to day care as I have office. We dropped them at the school and I hurried to office. Hubby dear was asking me couple of times if he should drop me, but I said I will go myself.

It was simply wonderful, the feeling that comes riding through the rains with rain drops so harsh that I couldn't even see. I prayed my bike shouldn't give up on me. I managed to reach office in one piece. As expected we didn't have power. The day passed with most of the time talking about the rains and managing to get the work done.

The way back was even more dramatic than expected. Tree along the roads were down the traffic was slow. Worse or best part of the whole thing was, it was so windy. I couldn't ride and felt I was going back. Wind that blew was so severe that I felt so chill and my knees were shaking! My teeth were chattering and eyes were drozy. I managed to reach home without knowing how I managed to ride all the way back...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Sunday Morning!

Morning is not really one, if not had a kappa of coffee on own! An usual scene to be seen in the mornings at home...

Monday, May 3, 2010

A line in Enjoyment!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Memories wash by...You hear voices from the depth of somewhere.
The voices you thought you might never hear again.
The voices that were from past seem to seemlessly blend
Into one that you no longer recognise.
But you can feel all those years flip away within moments!

No sooner you are that lanky, insecure teen, not sure what 'morrow will bring.
Life has come a long way, yet memories never cease to stop.
You are what your memories are!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All set to start the day!

Shining Shoes, Colourful Bags, Starched New Uniform, and loads of crayons, the stuff the dreams are made of! My boys are set to start the day!

Friday, April 9, 2010

About Books, Teachers, and Boys..

What is it with teachers that makes you feel so helpless? Or at least that is how I feel every time I meet my kids teachers. My boys teacher must be younger than me for sure. Yet in her presence I was squirming and struggling what to say. I felt transported to my own class at a younger age. Though I was never tongue-tied to answer Teachers, I always felt in awe!

I was feeling very restless and guilty that I could complete the Book covering. As expected I procrastinated to the last moment. Deciding to do it at 11.30 pm was way too late. Still I had to do it. To my dismay I saw that the covers were not enough and I didn't have labels. Well after packing two sets of books, I had no more patience. I hit the bed ardently hoping the teacher won't yell at me.

I shouldn't have worried. The Teacher was very sweet, seeing that few books are not covered, she gave it back to me. Next she said your boys are very naughty but so smart. Ok, here it starts! I thought. I tried to look apologetic, but I couldn't. Hubby dear says if Konda's brothers are not naughty, who else will be!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A new chapter in life...

What can I say, at every new stage in life, we pause and wonder if we really can cross this stage. And before long we are way past the stage to even realize we did cross it and with flying colours!

This week saw another important milestone in our life. Our twin boys started their mainstream schooling. They are used to being away at school at a very young age still it was more of a fun thing and they felt at home in their playschool. As the days got closer, I was remembering the same period when Konda started her school. That first day when I spent the entire time sitting with her. And the second day she was crying, refusing to go. Then she managed to get adjusted. The third day when her father went to drop her, he was waiting for her to get vanished in the crowd but she was walking ahead with every step she turned to look at him. He couldn't get himself away and was feeling worse when he saw her trip over a pot and fell down. Braving not to cry, she got up, waved one last time, before getting inside the class.

Hubby dear came up all worked up. Swearing never to send his little angle anywhere, he finally came to terms. Change is a content entity in life. Adapting is even more. She is now going to enter a grade, which I so clearly remember of my own. Does life really passes in a wink of an eye?

Years have passed and it is now my boys turn to begin the Journey of their life! A Journey that is sure to have all the different colours that Life can offer. The first three days we had to stay back for an hour and get them. By second day they were fine, but asked if I would stay back with them. I assured them that Mummy will be waiting outside while they played and got to know their teachers better.

This morning Peddu came up and asked me if I would stay back with him, I said I will. He replied "But you say that daily but never stay back", with look that welled up my eyes. I gathered him up and pinched his cherubic cheeks. My dear Peddu, he is such a darling innocent baby. Not that Chinnu isn't but at least he looks little capable of taking care of himself and his brother. Well I knew I thought that too soon, for while I was dropping them at the school, Chinnu asked me very softly if I would stay back with them. I assured him that I will be waiting just outside to the door.

I am sure just as Konda did, my boys will have a spring in their legs to jump out for school. And will never remember these days. They will soon come to love their new school and new things that Life will bring out. It is only we who need to have more courage to get them across these days...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Success comes to one who practice at it...

or rather to one who can take the failures first and be still optimistic enough to expect success coming out of every other corner!
Declare yourself as expert of something and work towards that. you didn't grow old in a day, so is your success. You got to work towards that.
Ignore what people around you might say wrong. Avoid negative vibes. There is nothing like positive approach can do to one self's!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life is a succession of moments...

To live each one is to succeed...

    As I turn a new leaf on my table calendar, this is what I get to read. While last year was a feast to eyes with food pictures from a popular restaurant, this year each month has a beautiful quote along with a hand done painting. Every time I glance at it, I am inspired by the wordings plus the paintings. I feel pushed to take up my brush or have an adrenalin attack to make me do sometime new.

First quarter has passed, I can't say it was the most productive one. Still it was fine. Now the first day is here. I am determined no matter what. Destiny is what you plan..or so I think!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What goes...comes back!

If there was one certainty in life it is Change!
Ok lets make it two certainties..apart from changes, one other thing that is certain is the dictum: What goes..comes back again.

When you do a good deed, it comes back to you
When you do a bad deed, it surely comes back to you
So decide if you want a good deed or bad deed to haunt you back.

When you are taunted with an ill thought about somebody, before you wish it out, remember this ill thought can stem lots of bad vibes, which is not needed at all. Focus on the good things..bad things will be taken care of!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Still mulling over..

As with every Monday, I spent few minutes deeply engrossed on the calendar, wondering where the days have gone. I know the subject on days flying away is the most oft berate topic in this space. But then it is a fact.

After many distracted moments, I declared to hubby that June 1st is going to be the date finalized. He was all for it. Lets see how well I keep to my date.

When I think about it, I may be able to get those many things done in a day. But all that matters is the big picture right. How close you are towards reaching that picture. I know it will take many more sleepless nights, hour less days..and million meals. Well I am for it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tough times don't last forever...

well will confirm once this period gets over! Things seems to have gotten very stressful all of a sudden. First Athamma goes for a trip, help not coming, work gets out of hand and my net connection concks off!

Well when things get tough it only gets tougher! I only think so many tougher situations have passed, this too shall pass.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day out on the Beach!

Took the kids for a beach trip..Kids enjoyed to their maximum. Can you see both of them swimming on the sand?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Life goes on...

Whether you want to be responsible or not..Life goes on
Whether you want to work or goes on
Whether you want to make a difference in this world or still goes on.
It never stops for any. But you have a choice to decide how you want to be.
We are blessed with one wonderful thing called choice, choose how you want to be
I chose to be responsible and work hard to make a difference
Aspirations and inspirations may vary from yours and mine, but that is the difference.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Greens!

The aftermaths of a weekend which involves exerting your muscles to the maximum, the dull Monday looks beautiful. There was a time during college, a phase which attributed to Monday blues. We had the weekend off, and naturally both days are spent at leisure or to the hilt. As the time progressed towards evening, butterflies start romping, or was it rats? Whatever there was this funny feeling that you feel queasy. Unrest and unsure of what life at college will be the next day.
Now, its quite different. Both hubby dear and I actually look forward to the Monday. A day to relax after the hectic day at home. Can you believe that 3 adults can't match the wits and workings of 3 young children?
After the storm that was the Sunday, Monday looks calm and serene. So decided to tag this as Monday Greens, because I love Green and on top Mondays are relaxing!..
How is your Monday?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

From Konda..

This is what my daughter was writing in power point! I was surprised seeing what she has written..and yes when she said she was thinking of me..I was high!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Yet again!

Yep life seems to have caught up again and I find myself missing out to update this space. It's like from morning to evening, I walk about thinking in mind, Yes this is the moment I want to capture for time immemorial in words, in expressions that will forever remain unchanged. Yet that time never comes!

Time is there only for those who make time for is not for those who complain there is no time.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The last day that is..

More than other days, some days always remain very important. Though each and every day never comes back, we tend to just go on with it. But on few days, more than the others, you pause and think. Think of all those years that have gone by and all the years to come. In the crossroad of your life, you understand important things and learn valuable lessons.
This day will never come back, my thoughts and wishes will for ever be with me though. This year is sorts of milestone for me. Every morning when I wake up, I get up with the thoughts that this day brings me closer to my dreams. The purpose of life is to lead a life of purpose. And yes, I have it all sorted out. Only it has to happen!
And yes I made those peas parathas, you will read about it shortly! I hope it will be enjoyed as I did.
Tomorrow is another day, another era, lets get ready to play the music!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The thoughts!

Open the mail box to see a birthday greetings from hotmail. It never misses to amuse me how I feel reading that greeting. Even though I thought the day is not going to matter much, my family ensures they don't leave the day without something memorable. Konda has been reminding me since Feb 1st, she is planning something big she said. So sweet, and then she goes and tells the boys that in two days time its going to be amma's birthday. My sweet sweet Peddu comes and asks me, Amma Neini Birthday na? It took me couple of seconds to understand what he was saying. My heart just melted hearing him say that!
The previous night, my darling Chinnu asked me such a tough question. I was stumbled for a moment without knowing what to tell him correct. We were getting ready to sleep, when suddenly Chinnu asks me in Telugu, "Amma, why should we sleep daily"? Now what was I supposed to tell him, I thought. Then I gathered him and told him. See you run around so much and play right. So you will be tired and should rest. That means you should sleep so that you get rest and don't feel tired.
So today Peddu repeated to me saying we are going to sleep because we are tired and should rest. Once they slept, I was thinking about the stuffed parathas that I have to make. Its to be planned for the morning breakfast.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Action packed day!

The day was fully packed, not a minute left for anything. Since I had a post coming up for which I had to work on the pictures, I went in early the previous night to get the burger buns. Then planned for the morning to click on the pictures. I felt sad that I promised burgers for Konda's breakfast. Yet couldn't make them.

Finally I had everything ready only after kids left for school. We managed to click pictures for three posts. Now that is what I call efficiant way of working. I was so glad I had Athamma and Hubby dear helping me out. This actually gave me a rehearal for the next photo session. I realised how many props and other accessories I need to have on hand.

At the last moment, batteries went for in the camera, we again had to take from the P & S. But with a tripod, pictures always come very professitonal! Now I am getting ready for the next one in which I am planning to take atleast five different sets. I need all the luck I can get!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Those long forgotten moments!

Something reminded me of those lovely nights spent dallying in our balcony while in the background, those soft old Hindi classics melodiously lulling me sleep. Dad had an easy chair, which was with us for many many years. And during late evenings at about nine or so, before dinner, I used to lay down on the easy chair and look upon the sky. Most time, I would be gazing at the moon.
I always found a face staring, smiling back at me. I have even felt the expression changing on my own moods. But most times, I felt the moon smiling so sweetly at me. It was the best friend I ever had. All those lovely nights spent gazing at the moon, gazing back at me, with that soft music in the background healed my soul as nothing can ever do.
Maybe all those moments were what I ever needed. Each person needs some time to meditate, to achieve what depends on individual needs. But a time for own, where one gets to feel one owns soul and feel that peace is most important to get back the energy needed to achieve greater things in life.
I know I may never get another chance to experience the joy that comes sitting out almost on a lone starlight night, gazing blackly at the moon, wondering what life has in store for me. Nor wishing I have the power and courage to take stock and move forward.
No for two reasons, one I know now what I have to do. I, alone am responsible to charter my life's destiny, nobody else will get the lead on that.
Second, I no longer can afford such "alone" time. Life, is too short to be spent day dreaming. That is only for mislead youths!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Time in passing!

When you meet old friends, you almost feel time hasn't transgressed! You get transported to those good old days and feel that you are living in those days again. Every period in your life matters, you can't really decide which one you want back. But though with thoughts that say maybe given another chance, with the experience I have now, maybe I will live it better?

Well that again is not possible right, maybe you just got to live with the thoughts that whatever happened happened because it is destined to happen. Live life now as best as you can! For, few years later you shouldn't end up thinking you could've lived these days better!

But one can't suppress the thoughts that come gushing, making you feel all that innocence washing you and you ache for those days back with you. Those youthful days spent carefree, taking the wind head-on, never worried about what next you have to worry on. Life teaches all so many lessons, we have to be smart enough to learn them fast.

Maybe I will just take those thoughts again, feel them and enjoy them for what they were. Rather than thinking how I miss those days, I will have to make sure I don't miss my present. I hardly listen to current popular music, infact I don't even know. The only music I listen too, are all those from the past. Each one of them reminds me of a time immemorial and I am transported back in time. Nostalgic, weepy, yet reminds you that you have the best to do now.

Gifted are those, who have friends for life. When you meet friends from a different time, you are fortunate to remember your wonderful past! But you are even more fortunate when you have parents and your significant other as your friends. You then walk the life with them as support!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I really wonder where you ran away so fast! Its been exactly 4 days since I updated this space. I tried hard ok, I really did. But fate tend to have a mind of its own. Past few days, kids are very insistent in retaining me back with them to sleep, by the time they do, I am asleep too. Two days straight and it has become a habit.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Name is ....

Khan, Khhan from the epiglottis. Saw the movie today. First impression is, never expected the story line to be like that. Anyway I always like the movies that I take pain to see in the cinema. So it was fine. With aging actors, you can only go a limited line right!
I was so tired and sleepy which always happens when I think I can just close my eyes pretending to be asleep for the kids. I ended up sleeping, waking up pretty late for any work to get done. I thought I might as well sleep through. Was feeling guilty but once in a while I can do that I suppose!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Passing Time!

Was trying hard to complete lots of work, managed to finish major of them. Finally thought I really shouldn't be getting worked up like this! After all I made a promise to self that I will enjoy every day as it comes, and not get worked up thinking of all the 101 things that always need to get done.
After all there is only one Tuesday Feb 16th that comes and it is already on the way out!
Yesterday I bought a big oil pastels for Konda, that's inspiring enough to start some painting..lets see what will get unearthed!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Cools!

The aftermaths of a weekend which involves exerting your muscles to the maximum, the dull Monday looks beautiful. The day almost looks like you are on vacation. Anyway, we are still struggling without a help at home. I barely managed to get the kids eat and sleep on time. Peddu refused to sleep.
I was sleeping away thinking of the game the kids were playing. All of them were doctors and their Dad was the small baby who came in for vaccination. He was imprisoned by all two, one was trying to force a medicine into the mouth! Imagine how well it stays in their mind...incredible young minds!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The day!

A day more productive it can't be, squeezing in as much as possible. Felt really good that things worked out fine. Hubby dear's latest pet is our new camera and everything is his subjects. I was piqued that he decided that I was while I was happy in my kitchen.
Then konda was posing for him in different angles. Not to mention the boys trying out stunts for their Dad. But end of the day we were drained and felt the day was really longgggggg..

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Things look different and changes its colour depending on how you look at it. And based on how your perspective is through the day. Perspective, what a word. A word that we tag for our convenience.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Flowers from Malaysia...real ones which stayed fresh for 15 days. Now don't ask me for the name. More about this later..I just remembered this and the day Dad got it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today in retrospect

The day was good, with many things accomplished. I was very organized and focused. Wish I update the same for every day..Came up with many ideas for the book. Well only thing left is to get those things back on the book. Back home it was very hectic having to do all the household stuff, but in a way it was so good seeing Peddu and Chinnu being so occupied with each other. They played house, trying to cook like me. I am surprised that my boys are also so interested in cooking, seeing us.
They made me dosa, coffee and what was most enjoyable part of the day

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paradox as it can get!

Just when I thought I was finding it hard to sleep, I had finished all the work today and kids slept early, which was amazing. In the end didn't know what to do, though I had lots of work on To do list. Anyway I thought for once I shouldn't be paranoid on that list and chill out.

After reading a chapter, finally went to sleep...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why waste it sleeping!

I recently heard somewhere someone say, "We got one life, why waste it sleeping" I was really impressed by that statement. Never knew I might actually get to practice it. I find myself so restless, wanting to do hundred and one different thing at the same time. I know I got to brake on this pattern. 

There was a time when I happily used to sleep 9 hrs, look forward to sleeping, dream of dreaming. Of course had lots of day dreaming. Maybe even now...Well kids finally went to bed and I am here with a post. Have few books to read and few papers to go through..

Monday, February 8, 2010

Things that have a mind of its own!

Well imagine feeling different all of a sudden! A diet that I have been following for so many months suddenly feels very tough. Is it because I announced to the whole world about it? Well come what may I am determined to follow it through. The day was tough at work, had everything happening that prevented me from following the plan.

I was happy that I was through it finally! I was elated with the feedback to the diet plan. I am more determined in seeing this through..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A little Journey again!

I am embarking on yet another journey today. What started almost a year and more ago, what has been part of my life this past one year, starts official again from tomorrow. 

I am hoping to keep through this. I have planned for quite a long time and should see through it. Will writing about it in Spice your Life, after all that is the idea behind that blog. How things spice my life and how I hope that in turn spices others life!

Will expect you to read it there...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

One of those days!

Today must be one of those days which ends up being unproductive from the start! Never had a grip on the time and only felt distraught at not having accomplished anything. Was it because it was a Saturday. Of course not, but still feel off that it was so. I know I am becoming obsessive of my scrapbook with tasks to do. It is ever piling and nothing is getting scored off.
If this rate is maintained, I might as well end up with a book full of unfinished tasks! Now how is that for book idea?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Work in progress

With Canon EOS 1000D - The Object in focus until we learn the working of the camera is our Holy Basil plant / Tulasi.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day flies!

I never realised how the day just flew! There I was thinking I should do so many..yet time vanished before I could even see or notice it. Today was my niece's birthday. I can still remember the day she was born, I was almost the first person to carry her. She was so tiny and was snuggling into me. How precious are those days. Hearing the news of her arrival, Konda who was 4 years then, literally rolled on floor with joy!

She did the same for her brothers too...Today seeing her cousin's birthday party, she wanted one done for her too. We tried telling her that she was old for such balloon parties..but then guess she is still too young to understand. So it shall be a balloon party!

Catch up tomorrow..its already tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

State of mind!

Through the day various things happened that were changing the mind as it went. First I came to know that Spice you Life blog was nominated in a bloggie award. Then Hubby dear called up to say he was taking Konda for a movie. It was a movie on Father and daughter. He said they wanted to watch it alone. Since they had lot of time, they dropped in to office. My colleagues were seeing Konda after a long time. Most of them were purring on like how cute she is and she sweet she is. I couldn't but feel pride in that. Of course, all those were not because of me.

I felt strange that I was not being my usual strict self. Yes I hate being strict with the kids, but if I am not, who else! Afterall I convince myself saying it is for their good. I am right, right?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures ~ this and that!

Basil plant from front yard!

Boys's Book..How symbolic! was pretty late when hubby dear took these pictures..while I was updating the blogs..

Monday, February 1, 2010

The day that it was!

It does sound crazy you know. The whole house is sleeping and here I am trying to gather my thoughts. Trying to be more clear on what I want. Turning over the leaf on the calender, I was shocked to realize it was already the 1st of February. 31 days have passed and I don't think I have done as much as I planned.

I remember those days when I used to sit back late in the night and write my diary. This looks and sounds so much the same. Except I used to record I got up this time, slept this time,..blah blah..Guess it is no different now. Now I am talking about this idea, that idea. What gets done? Will surely update on that.

Anyway one major decision that we made today was to get our project move forward with the way we wanted. I know that might take some real efforts, but we are for it.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Waves that never cease!

A visit to beach was long overdue, with it just 6 kms away, find it hard to think we hardly make up a trip. By the time we finally found a spot to park the car, it was pretty late. That didn't daunter us from going further. After a ride on the artifical car and bike, we went to the beach.

All of them went to water, while I stayed back. Its been years now, really years since I lost my need to get into the water. Somehow I find it so strange. How one changes over years! Beach for me, meant getting drenched. There was never an occasion when I would get away without a dip in the deep. Now I hardly find the inclination.

I rather sit back and enjoy the serene feeling that gets over me. With my family just close enough enjoying the joy only a beach can get, I look fondly at memories that gush by. With cool breeze carressing your skin, you feel the salty sand on the tongue. Was it only yesterday or years that passed by?

With waves gushing in with so much force, with a passion overflowing. Only to retreat back the moment it touches the shore. Oh how I wish time stands still..I know there have been many such moments and many more to come. Only I may never again wish so much to dip myself again.

My brows crank with smiles hearing the kids shouting, I see my own childhood spent the same way. I dont' have to live my childhood again, I can do that with my kids. Seeing them enjoy with boundless joy at the waves that want to hit hard, I remember the days that have gone away. And rejoice the moment that it was...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A New Beginning...

There are moments in life that clearly mark the end of a period and the start of new era!
Like when you complete your board exams and know for sure whatever happens,
that period will never again be back.

Today marks the end of one such time and makes way for new exciting days to come.
I write these words with joy, anticipation, anxiety, excitement and many more.
With hopes of good things to come our way, with determination to make it work,
come what may our way!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting detached to become more focused!

Today, hopefully the first of many days to come, I decided to get detached from things that makes me attached to it, rather than the other way.

During the time I am online to get work done, the different windows that are open are my different email accounts in different browsers, Social Networks etc etc. I hate seeing an email unread or yet to be replied. So I instantly have to reply back. Many have complimented on my quick response. But I know how much that costs. Rather than working on the post or editing the pictures for the post, or researching for the book, I will be researching on what needs to be replied.

Of course, replies need to be immediate not necessarily instant. I need to get more focused on the work on hand. If I need to write or reach my target every day, I need to be focused and not let 101 things distracting me.

So I logged into my email accounts only about 4 times today. Social Networks about couple of times. Let me see how this works out and how many pages I end up writing!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life is like a kite

Life is like a kite, with all the freedom it has, it flutters its wings,
free in the open space, blowing as the wind blows.
But as the string that holds it back to ground,
You need to have such strings to hold you back to ground,
Remind you of things that are more solid, that have more values
than thinking on the fly and living life on whims and fancies.
Stronger the thread, better it can hold you,
Enjoy the winds that blow your way, never get blown away!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nostalgic Times!

This day as I wrote the date, it struck me that its another month to go!
Another month by which everything changes and it will never come back to today.
I have many aspirations to meet and do and hopefully this year,will mark the time to check them right!

And every single day from now seems more so important. Though every year this day seems too large, off late, I feel so relieved when the day gets over and I feel I can get back being normal!

Yet this time I feel different in a different. Not because of any jublilation in mind. Far from it, those come only after I achieve what's in front of me!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Legs up on a holiday!

We had a day off on account of Republic day and spent most of the day planning to go out. Finally we did for a Republic day celebration in our club. The kids had a field day and you can expect how it must have been for the adults. We again decided we were right in thinking never to take the kids out! None of them eat, other than drinking those Maazas, Fantas...

This picture of Peddu shows their freaking day out!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Strange as it may Sound!

Sometimes strange as it may sound, many things happen after you do something unexpected! And all for your own good.

Example of this could be what happened with Facebook Fan page for Cooking 4 all Seasons.

This morning I reached 100 fans for the page and I was really excited as the page forever had some technical problem and wouldn't load for many who said they couldn't' become Fans of the page. I was always feeling embarrassed from the beginning for having created. Now I have to go tell everybody about it? Surely not.
So it was left on its own and I never did anything about it.
Until this morning, when I thought I will share that small piece of info on my FB profile that the page reached its 100! Imagine my shock when I hear from so many that they didn't know about the page and they were upset on not getting an invite!!
Well good news is about 45 people joined since morning after that little status update!
Goes to show how small things can have big returns! Everything in life is so. Never hesitate to do what is required to do your part. Never thing of the final result before even attempting it.

Things will happen Finally!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meeting old friends!

Sometimes you remember people from your past
and remember those wonderful days that were yours.
Then you meet them and live them all over again.
It's a feeling like those days are here again.
Compare and rejoice at what life has offered you and them
Both good and bad were the cause of what you are today

Live day as it comes, yet at fleeting moments remember
Those lovely days that are wonderful memories.
And make efforts to make this day a gift for the future
For all you have right now is now!
Meeting old friends, makes you remember that
Life is a wonderful Journey with so many new faces everyday!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sometimes you are so caught up that you don't remember what goes on around you. It was my friends birthday and I completely forgot on the day, though I was remembering until the previous day to wish. I was thinking of my school days how we used to spend our birthday and wonder where all those days have gone...

Is it really all gone and only in our memories? I find it so hard to accept. Where is my chance to do things properly all over again? One's childhood is very the perfect one to have lived and we always feel we should get another chance at making amends to all those minute things. But we are never given that chance.

This is when I feel we should live our kids childhood. As parents we get another chance to live childhood. Make it more wonderful in the way we want. But is that what they want?

Questions are many..answers hardly..before you know kids are grown up. Maybe you can implement them for your grandchildren!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 22nd in Retrospect!

Though I chartered atleast 1000 words to write everyday, beyond looking at the pages, I didn't move one bit further. But I was really glad that today was more fruitful in other ways. I finally discovered Kindle, Amazon's sleek product to read eBooks. I have started converting my ebook into it. Should be over shortly!

Thinking back on finding about Kindle, I understood how things happen. All without us knowing about it. Just few months back when I heard about this, I was wondering why I wasn't able to understand this medium. I tried reading on it. But everything sound so difficult to follow.

Yet it hardly took me 10 minutes to sign up and convert my ebook to Kindle format! Everything in life is such. When you fear something, you never get it. It happens when you least expect.

Keep your doors open, success or happiness comes through doors we never knew were kept open!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ The Music!

My love for old hindi classics is boundless. I am fortunate that my hubby dear loves them too.
My interest must have started because my Dad love them too.
And it continues because my husband loves them too.

One of the things I wanted to do from this new year, was to listen to music
that lifts the soul. And there are many such tunes, only in the daily grind,
one forgets that.

I happen to listen to Kabhi Kabhi last evening, naturally I started humming

Main pal do pal ka shayar hoon
pal do pal meri kahani hai
pal do pal meri hasti hai
pal do pal meri jawani hai
main pal do pal ka shayar hoo

The uncertainty and pathos that reflects from these words felt appreciate,
until Lubna reminded me of the other version of the song,

Maein Har Ek Pal Ka Shaayar Hoon
Har Ek Pal Meri Kahani Hai
Har Ek Pal Meri Hasti Hai
Har Ek Pal Meri Jawaani Hai

Well I realized it depends on how you approach things..
Since the new year, I have been high on inspirational thoughts.
It starts from having positive thinking, not dwelling on negative thoughts
Though pathos and melancholy sounds so passionate, they are not really worth our cries!

Hopefully I get back to dig those favorite music from where were they are hidden right now!

And 2000 words per day goal!, Ok that sounds too much..maybe 1000 per day! Wish me luck

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ Jan 20th

I was musing over many cookbooks spread before
wondering when I will be mulling over mine!
At midnight, these thoughts are never but
depressing. I turn to see my babies sleeping
and wonder when I can again sleep without a care!

Thoughts are many, ideas are boundless,
when will they get formed...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thoughts of the Day ~ Life is beautiful!

With thoughts that refuse to go away
you only think you have nothing else
but to do these things!
The soft, nostalgic smell of your child
brings back those wonderful days again
only to make you want to embrace them
all over again, to reassure yourself,
that life is beautiful!

Events as they happen ~ Jan 18th!

I finally came around having a small booklet made with papers that were empty on one side. It is small enough to fit my purse and be with me at all times. I have filled in with tasks that need to be done. I actually have been feeling very productive since having it.

Focus, Focus is the mantra for this year. Though I have accomplished most of the things I planned for these 18 days, I was still feeling hurried that 18 days have passed.

I have just posted 3 different posts and that feels like a big thing achieved!

Off to sleep, of course before soaking the dals for a new dosa that I planned to make! It requires that it be soaked for 5 hrs and then fermented 1 hr. How is that possible for a working woman? So I decided I soak it for 6 -7 hrs. Naturally I will update based on the success rate!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Lady in the 90's ~ Pencil Sketch

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Events as they happen ~ Jan 16th!

When out of the fridge it sprung it felt life steeping in
It gathered hope that finally its day has come
but poor soul got sadden as the day neared,
with the tantalizing aroma sniffing from the kitchen,
it realized it's going go back to the cold compartments
with company of other freezing things, that never looked bright

When was a apple more appealing than a crispy meddu vada?

Events as they happen ~ Jan 15th!

With the Sankranthi Festival comes the Chennai Sangamam ~ the Open Festival to the city!

We went to the nearby park to catch the action live with kids. Even before we got in, kids were more keen on the balloons that were being sold outside. Finally we did get back home with one for each. Though promptly two got bursted, leaving just that Yellow one behind!

Food stalls selling fast foods and other items!

Stage all set for the evening show!

The eagerly waiting crowd..

Finally...Lord Shiva and Parvati with their blessings!

They were so obliging to pose for the camera, of course Shiva was upset on his missing crown.