Friday, June 18, 2010

Circle of Life!

Life is always a circle, you move in motion to reach your start point. There is always this thing about "What goes, comes back!" It may sound very far fetched to talk about "Do good, good comes to you" when one is really taxed beyond imagination with daily everyday mundane things. But then, when it becomes your most critical point in life, you really can't ignore right!

Yes, when things started looking very bleak, when you don't know how to get going, think "This too shall pass"! There have been times when one was so hard pressed for time, everything was hurried, everything was pressured. Life seemed just too hard to move on. Then comes a period you won't believe has happened, a time when you can actually breath for a moment. And ponder in wonder that this period has come into your life. Cherish that to the maximum, its the celebration of life!

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