Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How you start your day!

I have strongly come to believe it depends on how to start your day, your day progresses. It is said if you spend the first 30 minutes thinking what you plan to do, how you are going to react to the various things that come your way, greatly affects your way of thinking and how you approach.

So this is the best time to start with new vibrating thoughts that can take you to new heights. I have experienced this first hand. Couple of days back, I happened read something that really upset me. I reacted to it right away! I was in bad mood for a while, not because it happened but because I reacted badly to it.

The feeling continued and it even showed up in an incident on the road. Traffic being what it is on the roads at the signal, a cyclist came over to bang me. I knew it wasn't my mistake, But as a general rule the cyclist blame the motorcyclist. He started off with a foul language, not giving me a moment to defend myself. Another motorcyclist silenced him saying its hardly a 2 min wait and you want to spoil it by yelling! And he said all this by signaling, which really put things into perspective.

I missed my walking for couple of days. after this incident felt I have to get back with vigour. For that really gave me my much needed "own time". I start the day walking and spending those 30 mins thinking back on various things that normally never surfaces out!

So many thoughts gush out that I really want to find a way to capture them all..But best of all, the feeling that you are walking all alone with nothing to disturb but your thoughts. Many things crystallize this way.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Brush with Truth!

Truth sometimes is unbelievably true!
No matter what you think or how you think
it still remains true.
No matter how much pressure, no matter
how much torture you have to go through,
Remain true to the truth, it will see you through!

Hardest pressure makes a diamond of a charcoal,
You are no less, if you know to keep head high,
in tide of tides..
What goes by shall come back for true.
Its only a matter of time..

Monday, September 20, 2010

A lesson learnt!

As always the morning breeze elevates your spirits like nothing. Surprising I felt pangs of Monday Morning Blues. It's not been regular for a while. A week has passed since I started walking in the mornings. It took finally a lecture from better half, that made me get more concerned on my health again.

He always says earning is important, but earning to pay for hospital bills is not! So I had to heed to that again. Its been great walking and feeling that spring in the move. I was glad that I didn't disappoint him by not being determined in my regime. When I started it last week on Sunday it was drizzling. I thought it was the most beautiful time for one to walk. It continued the same for the next couple of days.

While at it, I also happen to remember something else. Whenever somebody talks to me about exercise, I mostly used to reply that I don't find time. I sleep late and then I got to cook, pack lunches in the mornings etc. But now I find that when one makes up mind, time is always there. It only takes your determination.

Well I must say its a good lesson learnt!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


When you know you are right, no matter how wrong others think of you, doesn't matter
It hurts when people who you thought as friends don't trust you, but in time things will be clear.
Sometimes I wonder, what makes me go on and on.
Is it to prove to others or to myself?

I have no answers, but I know the wheels are moving you are just a goes on and on..

Monday, September 6, 2010

At a Snail Pace!

Taken during the walk in a park near by during our evening walk. That fact that it was my first of a kind and that fact that I got a picture to share, made me overcome my aversion to look further!

I finally understand what At a Snail Pace meant. Even with my slowest speed, this snail hadn't walked past one tile

Taken with hubby's dear mobile as my camera was not with me. Felt very funny to be seen with a camera during walk!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shaded Dreams!

This weekend during our return from a temple visit, we happened to stop to pluck the tender leaves from tamarind trees, we were greeted by these.

Hubby dear was busy clicking away from the tree

Only to be surprised by the abundant ones that were found on the ground!

Athamma wanted me to pluck it, I refused saying I wasn't sure if these were edible. She is forever after me to make something with mushroom. She is not able to accept that I detest these!

Doesn't this look cute?