Monday, September 20, 2010

A lesson learnt!

As always the morning breeze elevates your spirits like nothing. Surprising I felt pangs of Monday Morning Blues. It's not been regular for a while. A week has passed since I started walking in the mornings. It took finally a lecture from better half, that made me get more concerned on my health again.

He always says earning is important, but earning to pay for hospital bills is not! So I had to heed to that again. Its been great walking and feeling that spring in the move. I was glad that I didn't disappoint him by not being determined in my regime. When I started it last week on Sunday it was drizzling. I thought it was the most beautiful time for one to walk. It continued the same for the next couple of days.

While at it, I also happen to remember something else. Whenever somebody talks to me about exercise, I mostly used to reply that I don't find time. I sleep late and then I got to cook, pack lunches in the mornings etc. But now I find that when one makes up mind, time is always there. It only takes your determination.

Well I must say its a good lesson learnt!


sanjeeta kk said...

Hope I learn this lesson from you soon :)
Very lazy to get up and go. A big procrastinator I am :(

Sharmilee! :) said...

Too gud one...nice motivating post

Keerthi said...

Proud of you Valli. Yup, it's up to us to make time and not excuses. Keep up the good work.

Srivalli said...

Sanjeeta, from what I know of you, you are far from being lazy. Maybe you just need a little push!..thanks for dropping in..

Sharmilee..thank you!

Keerthi, that is really very sweet of you to say!

nivedita said...

Very well written Valli,
I strongly believe in time is there, we need to take it.
I never like saying "I am busy, I do not get time"I can admit that I can not manage my time properly.
All the best.

Lakshmi said...

Well said Srivalli. I totally agree.

Dr.Antony said...

Stick on to it.At least half an hour a day for 3 or 4 days a week.
Once you get used to it,it will be a walk in the clouds.It is the time when you can think of all the unsolved issues and find solutions, and come to resolutions, and forget and forgive many people.

Mrudula said...

Nice Post Valli!! I agree that we need to manage our time well, instead of mentioning all kinds of excuses. I am trying to pust back some of my previous chores back on to my routine .. Hope I will continue with it..