Friday, September 24, 2010

My Brush with Truth!

Truth sometimes is unbelievably true!
No matter what you think or how you think
it still remains true.
No matter how much pressure, no matter
how much torture you have to go through,
Remain true to the truth, it will see you through!

Hardest pressure makes a diamond of a charcoal,
You are no less, if you know to keep head high,
in tide of tides..
What goes by shall come back for true.
Its only a matter of time..


dr.antony said...

Honestly,I don't know or I am not sure. The rules are different these days.Truth is often submerged and suffocated.Comes out? who knows?
I remember someone had written on my school autograph," Character is the diamond that scratches all other stones". Don't know,times have changed.

nivedita said...

Very true.
wonderfully written.
And I strongly believe in Honesty and truth are the basic and important things in the life.