Wednesday, September 8, 2010


When you know you are right, no matter how wrong others think of you, doesn't matter
It hurts when people who you thought as friends don't trust you, but in time things will be clear.
Sometimes I wonder, what makes me go on and on.
Is it to prove to others or to myself?

I have no answers, but I know the wheels are moving you are just a goes on and on..


Happy Cook said...

Valli isn't it better than if you don't have friends like that.
And i think you don't have to be diferent to please other people, if they don't accept you like you are then i think they are not worth to be called friends and better be without them.

nivedita said...

No need to prove yourself for others. We can not keep everyone happy at one time.,

Alka said...

Aww Valli,this makes me sad...why not just shun negative people and enjoy life with pinch of salt....dont you worry..people come and go, friends come and go.. just like seasons...enjoy every sweet moment and just care a damn about bad ones !
Hugs !

Srivalli said...

Friends, I was really surprised to see your comments, thank you so much for your support and words..really means a lot..

in all that exp, I also found couple of worthy friends who trusted me so it was worth this experience I guess..

Shalet Jimmy said...

We cannot always please every one, even if they are our loved ones. That 's what life is all about.

Dr.Antony said...

"Sometimes things get weird;
The less you know,
the less you hurt.
Sometimes people you trust may deceive you;
Say stuff that truly affects you,
your heart hallow and empty.
Sometimes without any signs,
things mess up, leaving you bare.
I tend to get caught up pretty easily,
leading to disappointments.
People tell me to trust but every time I do: I regret.
People talk.
People stare.
People gossip"


starry said...

I think you have to just be yourself.It is really hard to please everyone,as someone is bound to be hurt no matter what.

Srivalli said...

Thank you for the support friends..appreciate the thoughts