Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How you start your day!

I have strongly come to believe it depends on how to start your day, your day progresses. It is said if you spend the first 30 minutes thinking what you plan to do, how you are going to react to the various things that come your way, greatly affects your way of thinking and how you approach.

So this is the best time to start with new vibrating thoughts that can take you to new heights. I have experienced this first hand. Couple of days back, I happened read something that really upset me. I reacted to it right away! I was in bad mood for a while, not because it happened but because I reacted badly to it.

The feeling continued and it even showed up in an incident on the road. Traffic being what it is on the roads at the signal, a cyclist came over to bang me. I knew it wasn't my mistake, But as a general rule the cyclist blame the motorcyclist. He started off with a foul language, not giving me a moment to defend myself. Another motorcyclist silenced him saying its hardly a 2 min wait and you want to spoil it by yelling! And he said all this by signaling, which really put things into perspective.

I missed my walking for couple of days. after this incident felt I have to get back with vigour. For that really gave me my much needed "own time". I start the day walking and spending those 30 mins thinking back on various things that normally never surfaces out!

So many thoughts gush out that I really want to find a way to capture them all..But best of all, the feeling that you are walking all alone with nothing to disturb but your thoughts. Many things crystallize this way.


dr.antony said...

Not necessarily.It is all efforts and attitudes.Much depends on the mood and your previous night..isn't it?

Srivalli said...

Dr.Antony I have personally seen this effect on the way we start the day. Of course when you are already worried over something and sleep, there are chances that it can get better or worse, it again depends. But I was referring to a normal day, how starting with a negative tone has a bad effect. Again this can differ I suppose..thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Haddock said...

Handling a situation is very delicate, and two people can react in different ways to the same situation.
The aim is to come out with minimum damage.