Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A day to remember!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Memories around raksha bandhan are many to write short. Instead this picture will remind me of today with two eager little boys waiting for their sis to tie the pretty ones, while one elder boy was waiting for his turn...The designer rakhi was sent by hubby's younger sis. the other one is on the way he beamed!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pleasing preschoolers

Holding the interest of preschooler is really a tough job. These gifts were given to my twin boys, who are soon going to be 4 years old, for Friendship day. Their pleasure was so infectious.

Chinnu's Yellow Jeep along with Peddu's Blue Jeep.

Both of them literally lived with these brushes the whole day. Peddu says Pink is his while Chinnu was given Green.

Check out these trendy friendship bands that they sported the whole week long.

Peddu was all geared up with his new things..

Friday, August 6, 2010


If Greatness comes from doing great things..

Greatness of people you live with, comes from them
taking a backseat to let you do great things..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A trip to Yelagiri Hills

A trip was planned to Yelagiri Hills for the weekend with office colleagues. I took Konda along with me. Yelagiri is about 225 kms from Chennai and is a small hill town. The place is really very small and has a lake for tourist attraction. 

If you have the strength you can go trekking uphill, which I didn't attempt.

This was on the way to the hill.

Near the hotel we had quite a few jackfruit trees which had the fruits in reachable heights just like the above.

After we relaxed for a while, we walked down to the lake that was just across the corner. This was the entrance.

It is a long walk down, on the pavements you can see such fruits for sale. The colour fruits were quite interesting.  The big green ones are passion fruits.

Rest of it, excepting the Cashew fruits with nuts, I couldn't get the English names for them. 

Well being a foodie, I ought to be adventurous to taste right. So I risked to taste this fruit. It was tangy, pungent and something else all rolled in one. Of course the chilli powder ensured it masks the overall taste!

Those white and pinks ones are called paneer fruits in tamil.

Konda enjoying herself!

The view from one side of the lake.

While we were on the boat, my colleagues waiting for their turn.

That was one pretty flower!

Forest office, rather old by the looks..

Few models in the park round the lake.

This is a Bird view spot constructed on a huge tree. Few of them were adventurous enough to climb all the way up!

Our breakfast the next day. After eating all that, I obviously had to ride a bike and played badminton, which I was doing after 10 years.

Finally the trip back. The two days was really not enough in terms of traveling as the journey was quite tiring. But Konda was very energetic throughout and enjoyed the maximum. Infact she went for trekking with the elders and was the motivating factor for them to move on the path. I was elated knowing that.
So it was worth the pains in the end!