Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thoughts of the Day ~ Farewell!

With a heart so heavy, I bid farewell
to a year that has been the quickest in passing.
With finality that a heart knows well,
know this time will never come back again.
So take time to make memories
to last a lifetime and more!

With a heart so heavy, I bid farewell
for the far off shore that you cross.
Standing as I am on this line,
with the world passing me by swiftly.
I step forward with the guiding hand that does,
So should you with thoughts assured there are
souls that cherish and have the best for you.

I take this moment to thank for all the good
And otherwise that came my way,
for life is never black or white, but shades of green.
I have grown a bit wiser, if not grayed.
for life is a journey not a destination.
happiness as the cap, lets march ahead!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thoughts of the Day ~ If today was the last!

If today was the last day on earth
Would you still yell at your kid for
catching you in a spot?
Would you not lower your voice
and with a twinkle in your eyes, tell
her not to share the secret out with all?

Would you not hug her tight and iron her
worries out as if there was no tomorrow?
When all is fine and you walk out of the house
the day looks very bright, the trees more green
your wheels spinning out fast, with a song in heart,
with a grin creasing your corners, you feel..

blessed for having lived this moment,
for the joys it brought, for the emotions it stirred.
If you know today was the last day,
tomorrow will be a new beginning.
And you get another chance to feel all the
abundant goodness this life has to offer you!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thoughts of the Day ~ Learn...

Learn to laugh at yourself,
becomes easy to accept when others do.
Learn to learn lessons from small mistakes
gears you better to avoid bigger ones.
Learn to take pleasure at insignificant events
makes you feel blessed with greater ones.
Learn to enjoy what life offers
You never know what you will miss otherwise.

More than all, learn to love yourself
Makes it easy for others to love you better!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thoughts of the Day ~ Life is like a salad!

Life is like a salad offered in a bowl.
It is left to you on how you dress it up!
Salt or Sweet, Hot or sour, what you pour into it
Steeps in, to bring out lasting taste, that lasts you a lifetime!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thoughts of the Day ~ Life is a puzzle!

Life is a puzzle, each piece brings you closer to the big picture..
With every step, with great excitement and joy you uncover the mystery.
With a box of puzzle you have the luxury of shuffling it again to play
But with life you don't. You are offered a piece a day,
A piece once used can't be used again.
Every day is a piece in this game of puzzle called life
So savour the joy that comes along, playing each piece safe,
For once you use up all pieces to solve the puzzle, you are left with none..

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thoughts of the Day ~ Life..

Life is a journey, destiny unknown
With past as a shade, take a step towards the future,
The future a mystery, you got but to live to know.
The dawn dawns in, rushes to usher in the dusk.
With the dawn and the dusk competing with each other,
you never know where the days disappeared.

You may wonder if end to your journey, your destiny or destiny the end of you!
All I know, live today as if there is no tomorrow.
Past was there but in your memory, future still in your dreams.
Ponder over the past for the lessons it taught you.
Think of the future for the lessons it will teach you.

Life is but a shower, a blessing for all it can give you,
Life is a bliss, if you know how to see it through.
Life is an adventure, be always ready for it.
Life is a journey, you are but a passenger!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thoughts of the day

With rain splashing on the face, a passing thought that the visor is doing its job
With soul raising above the self, with the thoughts that sour high
With breeze strong enough to push you off, manage to hold the bike in place
With thoughts that assure you that these are the moments worth living for
With fleeting glances on the hand that can never heal now!
The hand that was meant to heal will never ever do that now
Emotions so strong well up from within, is it the rain drops running down the cheeks?
No, waves of emotions linger round the eye's corner, ready to swallow you any moment
your heart a desert of feeling, ready to desert you any moment it feels fit.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Perceptions ~ in passing moments!

On a speed limit that might sound crazy, I was zooming past the winds across the bridge. I am never reckless, only the cool breeze and the not so early morning, yet a cool one has that effect on me. I live for the moment, with the past hovering its shadows, a future bright with its silver lining. No other reason to think anything else than the moment that lifted my spirits.

I was minutes away from stepping into the office, the future still unknown. The future is always unknown. It is like moments pass away in oblivion and you are just a spectator.

Do I sound melancholic? I think yes, one feels so much light thinking there is always a touch of melancholy and you are trying to be above it. What's fun in all things being fun and cheerful. Where is that feeling of greatness that comes in when you realize you are the warrior fighting your way out in a dark world!