Friday, December 18, 2009

Thoughts of the Day ~ Life..

Life is a journey, destiny unknown
With past as a shade, take a step towards the future,
The future a mystery, you got but to live to know.
The dawn dawns in, rushes to usher in the dusk.
With the dawn and the dusk competing with each other,
you never know where the days disappeared.

You may wonder if end to your journey, your destiny or destiny the end of you!
All I know, live today as if there is no tomorrow.
Past was there but in your memory, future still in your dreams.
Ponder over the past for the lessons it taught you.
Think of the future for the lessons it will teach you.

Life is but a shower, a blessing for all it can give you,
Life is a bliss, if you know how to see it through.
Life is an adventure, be always ready for it.
Life is a journey, you are but a passenger!