Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thoughts of the Day ~ Farewell!

With a heart so heavy, I bid farewell
to a year that has been the quickest in passing.
With finality that a heart knows well,
know this time will never come back again.
So take time to make memories
to last a lifetime and more!

With a heart so heavy, I bid farewell
for the far off shore that you cross.
Standing as I am on this line,
with the world passing me by swiftly.
I step forward with the guiding hand that does,
So should you with thoughts assured there are
souls that cherish and have the best for you.

I take this moment to thank for all the good
And otherwise that came my way,
for life is never black or white, but shades of green.
I have grown a bit wiser, if not grayed.
for life is a journey not a destination.
happiness as the cap, lets march ahead!

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