Saturday, January 16, 2010

Events as they happen ~ Jan 15th!

With the Sankranthi Festival comes the Chennai Sangamam ~ the Open Festival to the city!

We went to the nearby park to catch the action live with kids. Even before we got in, kids were more keen on the balloons that were being sold outside. Finally we did get back home with one for each. Though promptly two got bursted, leaving just that Yellow one behind!

Food stalls selling fast foods and other items!

Stage all set for the evening show!

The eagerly waiting crowd..

Finally...Lord Shiva and Parvati with their blessings!

They were so obliging to pose for the camera, of course Shiva was upset on his missing crown.



Anonymous said...

We went to the so-called park as well...L was more interested in the baloons while we were interested in the food .

Pelicano said...

I really like that 4th photo of the crowd in that beautiful park- Such a lovely landscape design! It made me wish I was there.

Srivalli said...

RachelEven my kids were only asking for the balloons than enjoying in the park!..:))

Pel, Yeah I can imagine the feeling that will give being part of such interested crowd...maybe you can try to land here during this season..