Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting detached to become more focused!

Today, hopefully the first of many days to come, I decided to get detached from things that makes me attached to it, rather than the other way.

During the time I am online to get work done, the different windows that are open are my different email accounts in different browsers, Social Networks etc etc. I hate seeing an email unread or yet to be replied. So I instantly have to reply back. Many have complimented on my quick response. But I know how much that costs. Rather than working on the post or editing the pictures for the post, or researching for the book, I will be researching on what needs to be replied.

Of course, replies need to be immediate not necessarily instant. I need to get more focused on the work on hand. If I need to write or reach my target every day, I need to be focused and not let 101 things distracting me.

So I logged into my email accounts only about 4 times today. Social Networks about couple of times. Let me see how this works out and how many pages I end up writing!

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