Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Events as they happen ~ Jan 4th

I had to go bring Chinnu from his school by 12 noon as he was having diarrhea. The moment I entered, I heard him calling out to Peddu saying "Anna, Ekada ra (Anna come here)" and his Kavitha akka was teasing him. The moment I called from down, they tried sending Peddu, who started crying, inside and sent Chinnu down.

Chinnu was most thrilled seeing me and wanted to know where his Dad was. He ran to the bike and then asked why Peddu and Lucky (my niece) were not coming. I tried telling him something and reached home within 5 mins. Getting down, he again asked for them. When I said they won't be coming home, he looked at me and said "Lucky unilay, Pedduni Pilluchukoony ra (Let Lucky be at school, you bring Peddu). Hearing him say that my heart swelled.

They fight often, yet miss each other's company so much. Chinnu was alright by evening.

Rest of the day passed off, yet I managed to do the Best of 2009 round up by 12 am.


Swaram said...

Long live the lovely bond :) God bless them!

Srivalli said...

Thank you Swaram, thanks for the thought!