Sunday, January 31, 2010

Waves that never cease!

A visit to beach was long overdue, with it just 6 kms away, find it hard to think we hardly make up a trip. By the time we finally found a spot to park the car, it was pretty late. That didn't daunter us from going further. After a ride on the artifical car and bike, we went to the beach.

All of them went to water, while I stayed back. Its been years now, really years since I lost my need to get into the water. Somehow I find it so strange. How one changes over years! Beach for me, meant getting drenched. There was never an occasion when I would get away without a dip in the deep. Now I hardly find the inclination.

I rather sit back and enjoy the serene feeling that gets over me. With my family just close enough enjoying the joy only a beach can get, I look fondly at memories that gush by. With cool breeze carressing your skin, you feel the salty sand on the tongue. Was it only yesterday or years that passed by?

With waves gushing in with so much force, with a passion overflowing. Only to retreat back the moment it touches the shore. Oh how I wish time stands still..I know there have been many such moments and many more to come. Only I may never again wish so much to dip myself again.

My brows crank with smiles hearing the kids shouting, I see my own childhood spent the same way. I dont' have to live my childhood again, I can do that with my kids. Seeing them enjoy with boundless joy at the waves that want to hit hard, I remember the days that have gone away. And rejoice the moment that it was...

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