Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Events as they happen ~ Jan 18th!

I finally came around having a small booklet made with papers that were empty on one side. It is small enough to fit my purse and be with me at all times. I have filled in with tasks that need to be done. I actually have been feeling very productive since having it.

Focus, Focus is the mantra for this year. Though I have accomplished most of the things I planned for these 18 days, I was still feeling hurried that 18 days have passed.

I have just posted 3 different posts and that feels like a big thing achieved!

Off to sleep, of course before soaking the dals for a new dosa that I planned to make! It requires that it be soaked for 5 hrs and then fermented 1 hr. How is that possible for a working woman? So I decided I soak it for 6 -7 hrs. Naturally I will update based on the success rate!

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