Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chennai Sangamam ~ The Open Festival!

The Chennai Sangamam ~ the open Festival is a great occasion the people of my city look forward too! Its the second year this time and the city is all well prepared. The roads have become more crowded, especially at the places where its held.

This time we thought we should take atleast Konda to see the happenings. The place was too crowded and people were all excited with the classic programmes being showed. The food, though very limited to choose were in demand.

I didn't know the artist singing but there was cheering!

Its held in different parts of the city with each place showcasing different cuisines of Tamil Nadu.

Chef busy serving the Chicken Biryani...

After spending some quick time, we rushed back home as Athamma was alone with the boys!


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

The festival looks wonderful (and fun!) Thanks for sharing your experience.

starry nights said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures.The biryani looked yummy.

Dhanasakthi said...

oh, great coverage! I was so eager to visit this festival but couldn't somehow.

If this gets continued for the coming years too, irrespective of the governing political parties, am damn sure it will strike out as another grandeur similar to the December culturals in Chennai.