Monday, February 16, 2009

A Slice from our mornings!

I woke up hearing the sound of the water droplets hitting against the wall. For a moment I thought it was raining, only to realize its the water droplets in the AC. The sound coming from the AC was enough to filter out any sound coming from outside world. When we changed to the new AC, we ensured it has the white noise to filter out the outside world. I slowly looked around to see where the kids were. Each one in their wonderful positions. Peddu was having his head against mine. I moved and tried to see where Chinnu was. He had moved to Konda's place and was snuggling against her. Come morning, he is either pushed against me or next to his sister.

Leaving them to their cozy places, I am up after a fresh up. I look up the clock and see its abt 6. 30 am, I wade towards the kitchen. Its time for the coffee machine to brew our traditional filter coffee. We sit out in the portico with a piping hot coffee in one hand and newspaper in other All we have is about 5 mins to glance through. Well not that anything of global importance gets into our head. But we do need to read the paper, that's customary! Coffee sipped in pleasure while the paper gets slidden away by page. The moment the last page is reached, rather the first page in my case, I find myself thinking which pressure cooker is going hisss first.

Of course, this is so typical mundane and its the way thing happen every day! Rice gets soaked first, Then dal finds itself in the pan, next comes the tamarind to be washed and soaked.While these things gets on the way, Konda's breakfast and lunch preparation gets priority. In between all these, the hurried glance at the clock to see if its time to wake her up. 5 mins before 7 o' Clock, gently tip into the room to nudge her.Her customary request for another 5 mins, grudgingly agreed. I give a hasty glance at the twins sleeping, hoping they aren't disturbed.

Then its back at kitchen trying to put whatever is required to go in. On most days, the lunch tends to be either Sambar or dal with vegetable on the side along with Rasam and Rice. Curds of course gets set in the night. Athamma takes care of that. I see its time to wake Konda again. This time, a strong nudge gets it clear that she has to get up. She gingerly gets up, by which time I am back in kitchen. While trying to sauté, I feel two hands hugging me at the hips, I scold her never to do that, while I am cooking. Well this happens everyday. She reluctantly goes to the rest room. She has to do her potty, suddenly we hear a voice saying she is all set. Hubby dear is ready at hand to cheer her up. He says Mummy "Applauds are in order". So I oblige saying, "Konda very good ra". Depending on her mood and my menu, she used to decided who has to give her a bath. These days she does it all herself! While all this happens, Athamma is seen sitting ready to pouch to the bedroom if either of the twin wake up. Off late, it almost happens the same time I am out. So its like, I come out, Athamma goes in. Once Konda comes out all fresh, its packing time. Hubby dear takes great pleasure patting her dry and powdering. He takes out her neatly ironed uniform, and gently puts it over her. A year back he used to get that done the previous night, these days its on the morning as she gets ready. Then comes the chore of asking her to eat herself. Depending on the time and the item, I either have to feed her or make her eat it herself.

Meanwhile, Konda's lunch and snacks are ready. Hubby dear gets the bag and shoes ready. In next 5 mins, Konda is all packed and ready to leave.The time now is 8 am and slowly we find the celebrities coming out of the room! We are ready to receive them. Depending on their mood, its either amma or dada or na amma. Meanwhile, the breakfast is ready and lunch almost reaching its completion. Milk is gulped in and all of them scout out to wait for the Van to come. By 8.10, van comes and Konda is whisked in. Then back home, its time for the twins to get ready! It takes little, no make it lot of cajoling to get Peddu int for a bath Meanwhile, I get their BF ready and their lunch bag in place. Athamma takes the kids to the other room, while we get ready in flat 10 mins. Then there is always the question of clicking for the Lunch box series if its something new that was prepared. We are out by 9.15 am, most days. I have got to be in by 9.30 am, and drive all the way thinking I was given few extra hours a day!


starry nights said...

A really busy morning,I don't know how you do it but I think you are very organized .enjoyed reading this post and enjoy making some of your dishes,thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Srivalli,

I am amazed and you are truly my inspiration. Being so busy, you still get time to keep your blog (not just 1 but 3) updated. Good work!! I am at loss of words.

Dhanasakthi said...

Great Post featuring the day-to-day working women's lifestyle.

Jayeeta said...

hello, i am truely impressed how u are juggling home and work this way.. Hats off to u.. i have 2/3 kids less than u.. and live a stone throw away from work... dont need to pack lunch for my 3 yr old (cos she get food at her pre school) and still dont find time to update my blog.. and u manage 3 .. wow...