Saturday, February 28, 2009

You have a crazy life ~ Start loving it!

If you're like the most people, you suffer from a chronic illusion. Atleast I do, I always think and keep telling myself that everything will soon be under control. But the fact is, life isn't going to change, you got too! Its like the phrase, let this project get over, I can start exercise, let my daughter's exams get over, I will plan for something else. Let the boys grow little older, before I plan for something else. But what happens when all these things happen? I would've most probably get older that I may not be able to do them!

You can't think you can do all the 101 things that demand your attention and think you have a perfect life! If you must know, my house has so many toys and other unwanted things that need to be disposed. I just keep thinking let the boys grow out of them, before I do it. But by then they would accumulate so much dust and garbage, that I don't need them. You can't read a book on time management and decide you can run your life like that right. It never happens as you think, least is you can only do what you can.

If you have a big list of to do things, they better be there. Guess life has other important things to give us. Lets start living each day than planning more for what to come!

Life is a party and each one plays to the tunes. And it makes things better if we think life as our dancing partner. Sometimes it leads us, sometime, we move forward. But each time ensuring we make a perfect step forward!


Maddy said...

So where is the party???

frozenmemories said...

sometimes you just got to stop for a moment and do what you heart says! freak out! and world wouldnt cruble without you doing routine things! :) take time out and enjoy the moment.. live life king size!