Thursday, December 25, 2008

Memories of a Vacation!

Its been a year today. Last year this day, we were at parent's home in Calcutta and this year they have relocated to a different country! It was my second trip to the City of Joy and the journey kindled the joyfully memories of my first visit. I had fallen in love with the city I visited. It wasn't at all what I heard about the place. Everybody said it was dirty and crowded and pathetic. But all I could see was a beautiful place with huge buildings that portrayed history and beauty that went along with it. We had visited all the places of interest during that time. This time since it was with kids we went, we really didn't have that all that energy needed to tag along the whole family for sight seeing. Even then Daddy wouldn't leave us alone. He ensured we atleast took the kids for a trip around the city. We reached the airport by 3 am and had a very eventful trip down to Calcutta. It was my first trip and it was really very foggy. Till the last moment, we weren't sure if the flight will take off or not. After a nerve wrecking two hours of wait, we finally took off.

The kids had made themselves at home in the flight much to the discomfort of everybody. It was really so much fun. The air hostess couldn't understand why my boys can't sit in their seats for more than 2 minutes. Well finally we reached Calcutta. The feeling was simply superb! It felt like homecoming, the last trip was so memorable, I could live it again. That time, Dad had taken us on the Jetty across River Ganges. We had gone under the bridge and it was so exhilarating. We were just four of us then. Now with my own family, I know I couldn't be seen as that bubbly teenager right? Still I couldn't but be that!

The excitement I had was passed on to my kids and they were trilled too. I was seeing Amma after many months. They were living in the 13th flour and it was wonderful going up so high. Amma was waiting with the Arti for the kids. And after a warm hug from her to all of us, I finally had a good look at Amma. She had gone down so much. The house was too big for them but kids had a field day running around the whole house.

It was surprising how well Amma managed with the minimum utensils but she managed a whole big feast with that. Back home, she has a utensil for each size and shape! The one whole week we stayed was an experience we can never forget. That was the first time we had infact ever stayed at home without doing anything, except cooking, feeding the kids and playing with them. I guess the thought that we were with our parents was enough to set all things right.

More than anything, the festive mood the city adorned was infectious. The whole city was celebrating Christmas eve. Everywhere it was brightly lit and people were so happy and enjoying themselves. I came to know that the city enjoys all festivals with equal fervor! How wonderful! It was the first time I was seeing streets full of things for Christmas, with Caps and balloons for Santa Claus. It was like the whole city was rejoicing our arrival. On the Christmas day, we had a Santa Claus visiting us. He got us cake and chocolates for the kids. The kids were overjoyed seeing the Santa and were jumping around. Then once he left, we all flocked together to cut the cake.

Everyday year, we always have this tradition of cutting a plum cake and then Dad and Hubby dear enjoy a piece with a glass of wine. I always remember our christian neighbors sending us cakes on the day. Then after a while, we realized we didn't have anybody sending it across. So one year when Amma was mentioning this, hubby dear and bro decided to get the cake for her. Thus started this tradition of getting a cake and enjoying it over the lunch or dinner!

So it happened that last year too it was spent with parents with a piece of cake and a glass of wine. Hubby dear was missing Dad this year as I was. I was still thinking of last years Christmas carols and the Celebrations the apartments had downstairs. We didn't go down to be part of them, we were content being at home with parents and our little ones. Cuddling them closer was more precious than anything else.
The remaining days passed off in a blur or so I thought. But yes the memories were itched quite strongly in our hearts that they gush in the moment I think of them. The thoughts were so strong that I had to speak to Dad and Mom. Maybe its vibes or something, they said they were also thinking about last Christmas, the time we were all together!.Dad was having two days off as Christmas holidays and they were having in guests for dinner. I thought I will skip the cake ceremony this year. 

But God has his ways I suppose. My friend wished me seasonal greetings with a box of plum cake. When I took it home, the kids were elated seeing the box. Peddu infact sang happy birthday song when I was cutting the cake. I was surprised he remembers that one has to sing that song while cutting a cake! Then he said its his birthday too along with Chinnu. Of course not in clear statement but in his own baby language.

Even as I write this, I remember last year. I close down with hopes that next year, we will all spend the vacation together! Maybe that time I will update on this year's happenings!


Kamini said...

Such a moving post! You are absolutely right, there is no place on earth where one get so much of love and caring as one's parents' home!
Valli, I wish you and your lovely family a very happy new year, and all the best for a wonder 2009.
With love and best wishes

starry nights said...

Thank you for sharing your memories.It was so beautiful and made me think of the time when ai was in India and the good times I had.Sometimes its these memories that we hold on to and often look back on.Wishing you and your family a bright and prosperous new year.