Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life as it happens!

Are you caught up with life, do you have a moment to ponder on things, that were important some years ago? Well that's exactly what's happening with me. I am so caught up with everyday affair, that things that ought to have been of some focus, have taken a back seat.Those years of carefree wandering comes back to mind and I really wish I had the courage and time to take back those things.

I still remember Dad telling me that I should put in more time on my painting. Even then I knew, I wasn't for it. But I enjoyed my time painting. I really wish I had that creativity that takes to be an artist. Then those days when Dad would ask me to write something for him. And I would be seen pondering on prose, coining him lines, which to my young mind, was poetry. I know Dad was more indulging than anything else. I really can't think I had the material that calls for poetic outburst! All said and done, I have attempted so many things, yet none a master I can call myself.

Those reluctant days at college, then hurrying back home, to enjoy an evening with some book. Behind closed doors, I was in my own world. Rarely would I open the door to let anybody in. Of course, during that time, it used to be Amma or at times Sree, at home. Still I never would open up for anybody. I was happy content in my own world, reading, devouring what was poured in those books. I enjoyed all genre in equal tempo. Be it M&Bs, Crime thrillers, Comedy or even Tintin, everything was read with a passion far greater than imagine.

Suddenly I would feel the need to paint. And its found its expression in many ways. When I first started blogging, I thought I should pull out all my drawings and upload. But guess it never happened. I wonder why things never turn out as how we want! What is the reason that it doesn't work out?
Anyway while I ponder on such things, let me share with you, a painting that is so dear to my heart. This picture of Oliver Twist represents Me, in my young age! I best relate to it and wanted to have mind frame in life. Unconcerned with the happenings surrounding me. I interpret the picture as, a person so carefree of worldly bondage, doing my share of work, yet not worried about things that happen or not happen.

This is Life as it happens!


Divya Vikram said...

Lovely pic Valli..

Zee said...

That's a beautiful painting Srivalli..You surely have potential:)

Jaya said...

Never visited this part of your world.
Looks great specially the painting.
I used to draw also, ah! those were the days, Thanks for letting me revisit those years too ..
hugs and smiles

starry nights said...

WOW! you are so can paint and cook that painting.I often loook back also at my life and woner where the years have gone.

Maddy said...

While blog hoping found your page!! its a good painting for sure. How about posting more of your work. I am sure, once you hold your brush,that never let you to keep for long.Its time again.Start!GO

mystic rose said...

Thats quite a lovely painting.

Archana said...

Reading your thoughts felt as though im thinkin aloud....i felt so connected with ur feelings abt life and with the way you were some years ago...thanks for reminding me my golden days :)

Keshi said...

ty for stopping by my blog when I was away.

that is a beautiful Painting wow!!!