Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thinking of Lights or Lamps, Farreys comes to mind!

When you have your house renovated or built, the first things we might want to decorate are the lamps. It is always exciting to plan and collect all the different light shades or lamps that we might want to install.

A living room typically will have the ceiling fans, plus the different dooms. It especially becomes challenging when you plan to get your kids room ready. What about the reading lamps, piano lamps. I found Farreys.com having a good collection for the choice.

They have quick search which helps you find what you are searching for. The collection is vast varying from floor lamps to torchiers. And you get your best shot at prices being offered at a competitive cost!

check out for more information!


starry nights said...

I love lamps and I think sometimes it is the main focus in a room.

sureshk said...

I love the different lamps decorated in home.