Monday, February 22, 2010

Time in passing!

When you meet old friends, you almost feel time hasn't transgressed! You get transported to those good old days and feel that you are living in those days again. Every period in your life matters, you can't really decide which one you want back. But though with thoughts that say maybe given another chance, with the experience I have now, maybe I will live it better?

Well that again is not possible right, maybe you just got to live with the thoughts that whatever happened happened because it is destined to happen. Live life now as best as you can! For, few years later you shouldn't end up thinking you could've lived these days better!

But one can't suppress the thoughts that come gushing, making you feel all that innocence washing you and you ache for those days back with you. Those youthful days spent carefree, taking the wind head-on, never worried about what next you have to worry on. Life teaches all so many lessons, we have to be smart enough to learn them fast.

Maybe I will just take those thoughts again, feel them and enjoy them for what they were. Rather than thinking how I miss those days, I will have to make sure I don't miss my present. I hardly listen to current popular music, infact I don't even know. The only music I listen too, are all those from the past. Each one of them reminds me of a time immemorial and I am transported back in time. Nostalgic, weepy, yet reminds you that you have the best to do now.

Gifted are those, who have friends for life. When you meet friends from a different time, you are fortunate to remember your wonderful past! But you are even more fortunate when you have parents and your significant other as your friends. You then walk the life with them as support!

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nivedita said...

Hi Valli
Lovely thought!
Yes, enjoy your present with your past memories.