Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Action packed day!

The day was fully packed, not a minute left for anything. Since I had a post coming up for which I had to work on the pictures, I went in early the previous night to get the burger buns. Then planned for the morning to click on the pictures. I felt sad that I promised burgers for Konda's breakfast. Yet couldn't make them.

Finally I had everything ready only after kids left for school. We managed to click pictures for three posts. Now that is what I call efficiant way of working. I was so glad I had Athamma and Hubby dear helping me out. This actually gave me a rehearal for the next photo session. I realised how many props and other accessories I need to have on hand.

At the last moment, batteries went for in the camera, we again had to take from the P & S. But with a tripod, pictures always come very professitonal! Now I am getting ready for the next one in which I am planning to take atleast five different sets. I need all the luck I can get!

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