Saturday, December 11, 2010


These are the best, I mean the voices from your childhood. The moments take you on a fly and firmly bring back on earth with a feeling that you have come a circle. It was a conversation with a group of people who were such a part of your life and in between disappeared in thin air. You did speak to all of them at the same time, it felt that all these years interim was never there.

So many things happened in the years that went past, so many that you really can't express all. Yet it makes no sense to think about them, to worry over those thoughts or just forget them. All that mattered was the simple fact that we could finally, finally connect again. The feeling is awesome, it was like being back in the class, making all those pranks..

Life seems to have come so far, yet not that far for me to forget all those years ago..

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dr.antony said...

Yesterday, an old friend of mine called me,after 20 years! We just took off,the conversation started,and the years in between,just disappeared. So much had happened in between,his marriage,child and mine too.
You said it right.Time flies when you meet old friends.And the memories make you feel younger!