Sunday, December 19, 2010

A day like this!

Somethings really strikes us most peculiar, and that I can refer to the weather that we have been witnessing past couple of days. It is so chill! So chill to chill your bones. While I ran around twice early night to get the kids from tuition, I could feel the chill breeze hitting me strongly and I felt cringing closer.

This afternoon I actually took a nap without the fan on. Hubby dear teased me that I always sleep in the freezer and he was shocked to see the fanless room! While taking Konda to her class, she said how she wished it would snow in our dear city. Well, I was so surprised my daughter would share the same thought as I did.

A lazy Sunday well spent, albeit quite a few tidings to kids. Cooked something new but actually didn't feel like clicking them, which was so new. But anyway I can always cook again since hubby dear said it was good. Just waiting for the few more hours to pass by, for us to begin our roller coaster!

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dr.antony said...

That is also one way of spending a day !
Lazy days are bliss.