Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Greens!

The aftermaths of a weekend which involves exerting your muscles to the maximum, the dull Monday looks beautiful. There was a time during college, a phase which attributed to Monday blues. We had the weekend off, and naturally both days are spent at leisure or to the hilt. As the time progressed towards evening, butterflies start romping, or was it rats? Whatever there was this funny feeling that you feel queasy. Unrest and unsure of what life at college will be the next day.
Now, its quite different. Both hubby dear and I actually look forward to the Monday. A day to relax after the hectic day at home. Can you believe that 3 adults can't match the wits and workings of 3 young children?
After the storm that was the Sunday, Monday looks calm and serene. So decided to tag this as Monday Greens, because I love Green and on top Mondays are relaxing!..
How is your Monday?

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